Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter and Weight watchers

I have come to the conclusion that Hersey’s is ran by the devil. Of course everyone knows Sunday was Easter. I have been being good and not eating candy on my diet. Unfortunately when you’re the Easter Bunny its hard not to eat some of the candy as your stuffing the eggs. Plus I thought out of all the candy bad for you I would get a small bag of Hersey kisses. Because I have lost a total of 21 lbs. I deserve to have some chocolate. Yea right. I should have realized that I am not one of those people who can eat anything and not pay for it in the end. I have been being bad and not recording my food that I have been eating. I think that is how weight watchers keeps you stuck paying their monthly membership. If I record my food intake and see how many points that I have left I do better. When you don’t record you think to yourself I haven’t eaten that much today. When in fact a little of this and that adds up. So not recording my intake for 1 week and a half. With the Easter dinner and the candy. I have gain 3 pounds back. Aggravating as hell considering I have become more active. I gave up Farmville on Facebook so I would get out of the house more. I don’t even blog as much as I use to. But still…grr. NOT FAIR. I do try its not like I eat 3 cheese burgers or a pan of brownies. I watch those shows: Heavy and biggest losers. You know where people eat a pack of bacon, 6 eggs, large juice and biscuits and gravy for breakfast alone. I can see why those people are over weight. I don’t feel like I gorge myself on food. Frustrating and NOT fair. So I have to kick my ass and get back to extra exercising if I want to get back to my weight loss. I lack 10 lbs. to my goal. I am not asking much. Its at the tail end of my “required” scale for my height. Who came up with that scale is probably a toothpick or one of those people who “forget” to eat. Who the hell forgets to eat? You have to be a special kind of stupid if you ask me.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I am a stalker: Are you?

Okay I really didn’t mean to. But one person that just gets on my nerves and I just have to look at their Facebook page,because he doesn’t realize that the world can see his page yet, my ex, the sperm donor. So I have become a stalker. Not a bad one. I don’t look hourly or even weekly at his page. Just once in awhile to find out…I don’t know. I guess I am plain annoyed or nosey whatever.
Anyway..He has “disappeared” out of my kids life. Now mind you I dislike him..want to choke him or just most times just plain kick his ass. I never tried to put him a bad light in front of the girls. He did that on his own. If he was still seeing them every other week I would accept that. But I started really hating him after all the countless times he promised to pick them up and didn’t. The gifts he promised to buy them or the “Disney” trips they were going on the “next” summer. But now in the last 5 years he just up and disappeared all together. Blaming the government and his trip to Iraq. Even though he was never there for them before that. That’s his excuse that he doesn’t feel safe around them. Not sure how you can snap over the phone, in the mail or hell even email. That’s his excuse. Even though he remarried twice after me, having another kid and step kids that he constantly posts pics on Facebook about. But his lack of child support. Which is now a towering 10,000. How does that show your scared to hurt them? So all I want? For him to give up his rights so that the man in my kids life who they call daddy can adopt them. You know the one that takes them to band, cares for them when they are sick, even knowing what grade they are in. Hell who knows there name. His other daughter’s name starts with the same letter and when he did call he would call her by her 1/2 sisters name. UGH!! Another thing (which I have bitch about in the past posts) is that when he got his inheritance from his granny he paid cash for his Harley. Giving a couple of thousand towards his back child support. He tell child support he is trying to get disability because he can’t act right in public. Hell he couldn’t do that before the war. In the 4 yrs. we were married he had 15 different jobs. So he was suppose to go to court back in March. I figured I would hear from him then. Nothing…so while stalking I did discover this… cut and pasted btw and what I would love to post on his wall.
posted 2 days after the supposed court date…when you think someone has you down, kick them in the balls and get back up
step daughter: Heyy. Thanks for takin me out last night. It was lots of fun!!! =) ♥
him :im glad you had fun baby girl
*apparently not to dangerous?
missin my kids
okay call them u ardtard. the number is still the same. Plus his sister and mom has it. So what is the excuse now? fingers broke?
is glad for all my friends and family
what family? he doesn’t see his sister or mother. Not my kids either. Oh yea his ex mother in law from his second marriage that his still talks to. um weird.
Got to talk to my daughter so now im on cloud 9 love my lil princess.
Hey ass you have two more princesses or have you forgotten? nm you forgot duh.
got my new tattoo needles in today so now im ready to sling some ink
hmm that’s funny you told child support enforcement you are not working and the army your too “damaged” to work? Oh that’s right under the table money doesn’t count. I forgot duh..
home from court today (yesterday post)
hot damn! finally some good news. You must of reschedule. I hope they stick it to you asshole. Especially after your many pictures of you drinking, partying, and riding your Harley everywhere. You sir are a dead beat and should be flogged to death, sincerely tired of your shit.