Monday, October 15, 2012

What is wrong with me?

I could blame the house but I won’t.  I have let Halloween pass by me this year. SHAME ON ME.  I usually take the day off and spend it with my kids.  But with the time off I took for my back, the house and my mom coming to visit last weekend I just simply forgot or figured I have no more vacation time.  I also usually spend this time bombarding my blogger with Halloween facts, fun and spooky posts.  Not this year.  This is still my favorite time of the year and I guess I will have to make it up next year.  I am not sure if its burn out  or writers block but it just seems like lately I haven’t wanted or needed to blog.  I still lurk and read other people blogs.  I usually read them from my phone which makes it hard to comment.  I am hoping to spit out a few blogs before Halloween.  I just need to get the blogger bug again…lol

I hope everyone is enjoying their fall.  I love this time of year, jeans so you don’t have to shave as much, jackets, Starbucks hot coffee because I am not an addict, Fuzzy  socks, Fuzzy blankets so I can hide under it and avoid housework,  lazy days snuggling with the fuzzy dogs, and seeing the fall colors.  I could do with out the crazy stink bug infestations and lady bug invasion.  Even the dogs don’t want to eat them…lol