Saturday, March 27, 2010

This is my Brain...

This my brain:egg

This is my brain on Nursing school: eggpan

Yes I know your fried and I am getting older but i am just 33 so please stop crapping out on me.
I really hate that you:

  1. Cause me to look like a complete idiot in the Wal-mart parking lot looking for where i parked my car…10 mins later finding it 4 isles over from where I was.
  2. Cause me to blank out and forget to take that 5 point quiz 2 mins after it closed online.
  3. Cause me to be dyslexic when I type…and have to back space constantly
  4. Cause me to drive my car to work when I was suppose to be heading to school
  5. Cause me to wake up in the morning wondering why my alarm is going off at 5am when I swear i don’t have class till 9…and i was suppose to be up at 5am…crap, thank God I figured that one out before I missed clinicals.
  6. For causing me to be sooo tired that all I want to do is Farm on Farmville because that’s all the brain cell power I have…how sad…btw anyone need a neighbor add my arse on your FB!!
  7. Cause me to lock myself out of my work locker.
  8. Cause me to forget to chart important stuff till I get home and lay down to sleep…thanks
  9. Cause me to have blogger writers block and cause me to write about my brain…how sad…

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Okay so my brother law has gotten some new lights for his bike that only half work. Well it drives my hubby batty when things don’t work and so he decided to fix the bike. Mind you even though my man is a redneck he knows more about vehicles and bikes than he lets on. Mainly because he doesn’t like working on mechanical crap. Anyhow…i was visiting my sister-in-law hey by law after so many years she becomes sister-in-law anyway i went to check on the boys. My man had a wire to the lights and his brother was sticking it to the battery to see if they got the connection right. Apparently my brother-in-law was getting slowly zapped by the juice…and was stating hurry up i am getting zapped. My hubby who loves to aggravate his brother says just a few more minutes (the lights were on btw) i just about have it…the dumbarse stood there and held the wires a little longer…lol
Course my man was grinning ear to ear while his brother complained that from his hand to his elbow was sheesh…redneck brothers