Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blue tube

ah yes the wonderful, lovable, redneck man in my life. So we upgraded to a pair of droid x phones. And like in my previous posts of trying to teach my man about the wonderful world of technology I feel like I am in an episode of twilight zone. It’s great that he thinks that I have vast knowledge in all that is techno..which I don’t. But when something goes wrong with the phone I am suppose to know what it is and how to fix it. I am glad we got these on my 3 day weekend. I am learning pretty well how to use it. Some glitches along the way. Like I don’t like the fact that it imports all contacts from twitter, fb and phone contacts. It makes my phone book go from 25 to 250. Not fun to scroll thru. So I had to learn how to reorganize them. I have also learned that most things electronic come with shitty instructions and you better know how to surf the net for forums for help. Yea like I could ever see him doing that. Considering he can’t even do the bills. So I learn then try to make it easier for him to understand. (don’t say dumb it down…it offends him which causes mass cussing) Let’s just say I have had 2 migraines caused by him and technology. I would teach him only to have the same questions 2 hours later…grrr I swear I felt like I was beating my head against the wall. He was looking at pictures on someone's wall on fb only to accidently comment in a status update. Causing people to say huh? He couldn’t understand he has an email. text messaging and Facebook. Which are not interchangeable! Kill me…but then he actually got on the phone and called our phone carrier about issues with the network extender box. ALL BY HIMSELF. Finally he understood that sometimes you have to learn on your own. He was so happy that his phone was working he was watching a video on his phone. I asked him what are you watching…oh those videos on blue tube…I just shook my head and grin. Got to love my redneck

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Team Nursing

parking-nurses Okay so we had our first team nursing clinical day. Instead of having one patient and doing everything for them you have 5 patients and 3 roles. One is the Charge nurse (RN) one the med nurse (LPN) and one the PCT (CNA). So i got to be the charge nurse the first round. I don’t know if it’s because I am an LPN and she figured it would be the easiest for me or what. The paper work the night before sucked. But the actual day at clinicals wasn’t too bad. The main reason they do this is so that you learn how to juggle and prioritize. I didn’t do to bad i forgot a few things. My med nurse did a great job. As for the PCT…I seriously missed my CNA’s at work. First my PCT whined about going to hurl if anyone pooped. Hello your going to be a nurse you have to have a strong stomach. Then my patients rooms were a disaster for example: trashcans in the middle of the room, wash rags in the sink that were dirty from bathing, beds in shambles, patients at the bottom of the bed. Everyone's draw sheets were up around their neck. She did turn the bedfast patients. Charted the vitals. But she only had 5 and 3 of them were bathed already. Vital signs weren’t due till 10 so what did she do from 7 till 10? I had to change 2 beds that were soaked with piss. I know this is a learning experience but they should have learned basic CNA skills during first year. Hell the teacher I had for LPN school would put her face near their privates and make you redo pericare if it didn’t look But I can now see why the RN’s in this area (this area fellow RN’s) won’t help the CNA’s change or do the dirty work. But working in a nursing home you get use to wiping ass and then eating a cheeseburger. lol Well i may eat my words when it my turn, but then again at my place I have had 18 patients, when I have to be a CNA because there are too many LPN’s and not enough aids.
Well my day went well and I believe I did pretty good…hey I didn’t kill anyone…that definitely a plus right? lol

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jump aboard the crazy train

Good grief. I swear the last 3 days of work have almost killed me. I hate midshift. Hate it! You come in running and leave still running. I could actually say that most of the patients that I have taken care of were actually sick. I think we were all running around with our head cut off. I got to see my first GI bleed. Got to put an NG tube down his nose to help suck out all the blood. But the poor thing was throwing up blood faster than we could get tube down. Had to have some assistance. It was amazing just how busy it can get. There was no time really to help each other because everyone was drowing. All of the rooms were full with 14 in waiting. Doctors barking out orders and nurses tempers flaring. I would no longer stick a patient, send the blood off, get them to pee in a cup, push meds. I was doing it all over again. Or admitting patients only to get chewed out by ICU nurses that were pissed because I was bringing them another patient. Why they think I just spend my day planning on ways to make their suck is beyond me. I don’t admit them…the doctor does. I just deliver them where they are suppose to go. I never could understand why ICU nurses and ER nurses can’t get along but I swear the more nice I try to be the more I get bitch at sheesh. I am really glad that I have the next few days off. I need to recuperate and get my shoulder to stop aching.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What is that smell?

what is that smell? keep smelling spray and spray lysol down the hallway....then wash your hands and still can't figure it out....oh crap its crap and its on your pants....appare
myntly when i rolled the patient over i got it on my pants and didn't even notice....great....i scrubbed it off with a wipe and spray lysol on myself since my dumb arse doesn't have any extra set of scrubs...had to continue  
day on with my new lysol perfume ahhh the joys of being a nurse


I really have married a redneck man. My man wanted me to use my email for some crap that he might win. I told him that I didn’t want spam to my email so I create him an email. Well while I was on Facebook he asked me if I he got any thing yet. I said huh? You know on Facebook? No Hun I made you a email account. I know do I have anything yet. I had to explain to him that I made him an email not a Facebook account. So I made him a Facebook account. Well a couple days later he asked if he got any calls. I told him no one had called the house for him. No on Facebook he stated. Um calls? you know from people. Oh you mean messages? Yea whatever...
I had to explain to him that he needed to add friends. Then he asked about he emails. I told him he would have to give his friends his email so that others will email him. I guess he thought poof everyone knows he is on the internet now…lol
then days later when I was making fun of him cause his status still mentioned dreading Christmas and it was weeks passed it. He had my oldest show him how to log on. Then tried to have her update his status. He put hell was finally over. He tried to get the oldest to type it…lol She was telling him no way daddy that’s a bad word…*giggle got to love him!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Shot of Reality

Dear ICU nurse,
Yes I spend my days off plotting ways to mess up your day by admitting half my patients to your unit. Ps When you have 5 nurses to help with your 1 admission and we have 4 nurses in total in the ER with 14 patients and more in the waiting room don’t bitch. I would really hate to have to bitch slap you.
Sincerely, Nurse that is tired of your bitching

Dear Nurse who knows all, You constantly check my charting, my nursing ways and act like I am the dumbest nurse. When I ask you for help you snob me making me feel like I am a bother. But if you catch me doing something wrong your happy to point out the correct way to do it. Your true nursing abilities showed when you thought I was wasting my time reporting a possible pressure ulcer issue. Your smart ass “ that’s not an emergency and not something that needs to be worried about.” I am a good nurse! When you see your patient die because a “small” pressure ulcer that was over looked. Which became a massive ulcer that opened all the way to the bone. I care for the WHOLE patient.
p.s. I went back and educated the patient and family member on turning and repositioning every 2 hours to avoid skin break down. Also what to look for and when to report it.
Sincerely, take that miss know it all

Dear Doctor Dumbass,
Thanks for yelling at your nurses. Telling us that a patient hasn’t gotten their anxiety medication that you ordered 30 mins ago. Hello there are 4 of us taking care of 14 patients. So who do we take care of first? Um maybe the patient with the PE or how about the shortness of breath. Not to mention the one in A1 that has chest pain. But I will be happy to get the effin ativan for the frequent flyer that just can’t handle life. Give me an effin break. I wasn’t going to rush my drug calculations just to drop everything.
Sincerely, get your head out of your ass please the rest of us are tired of your shit

Dear little black dog, I reallly think you suffer from PICA. Because I have never met a dog that loves eating stuff that is not food. I seriously think your not fat just consitpated from all the toliet paper, tissues and miscellanous crap you eat.
Sincerely worried about you fatty mcfatty.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

8 lbs lighter

Okay so I have lost 10 and gained back 2. But I am praying it’s the exercise of the biggest loser Wii and Zumba Wii. Aw Wii workouts. I am not sure if its any worse than having a personal trainer. Then again I saved a bushel with the Wii BUT…
If I have to hear Julian tell me she is sweating or out of breath I swear I am going to throw my Wii remote at the TV. Of course my daughter finds it funny cause she can hear me cussing at the TV that she isn’t effin real and shut the hell up. Like how the hell are they out of breath they are not even real. As for the Zumba really? People do this out in public? I remember my mom and I doing sweating to the oldies at home when I was a kid. I am so not coordinated. There is no way in hell would I ever do this out in public. If you haven’t seen the infomercials on cable or dish you must not watch much TV. It’s the new fad of video workout. Latin music set to a workout. Supposedly you can’t tell your exercising because your dancing. PFFT! If your really that oblivious you need help. I was huffing and puffing halfway thru bitching are we done yet? I still do like it better than biggest loser cause its not yelling at you not to give
It is fun if you don’t care that you can’t actually do the steps. The training section is a joke. If the remote even feels your hips moving it says great job even though I know for a fact my step were way off. So its skips to adding the next step. So I skipped the learning section and started the beginners section. I can either to the hands and hips or hands and feet. But all three I almost throw things out of socket. Hopefully I will catch on…lol
here is a video of Zumba so you can see the steps

So the good new is…my new jeans are falling off me. So I had to get new new jeans. Went from a 13 to a 9/10 hot dog…hell with the actually weight numbers. If the inches fall off I don’t give a ferrets anus. Well that’s my update on the fat front…till next time…kiddies remember…I love this carrot stick I love this carrot stick I will be thin I will be thin…lol

Weight loss tip of moment: replace lip gloss with super glue lip gloss…

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Addictions: Gadgets

So some of the gadgets in my life I just love…hey I am a electronic junkie.
ah my Dsxl…bigger and better…for those old people that don’t mind having a bigger screen. Bigger is always better!! lol
My droid…does the same as the IPhone but half the price..who doesn’t love that?

My DVD player..that can play my next dvd of the twilight series…not to mention my Supernatural collection…ah the love of the supernatural creatures.
for the lazy people that don’t want to go to the gym..if you can get over the uhhh noise it makes when it weighs you…hey what a motivator right>??? plus its fun as hell
One of my new found loves... I never thought I would like this since I love the feel and smell of a new book. But its so convenient and I love when I finish a book of the series I can purchase the next book in 30 seconds instead of driving 35 miles away. They could improve the free books…but nothing good is ever free anyway.
Last but not least is…Apple-iPod-touch-64GB-1
My IPOD touch..the newest addiction/addition to my electronics…hello angry birds and zombie farm is enough to get addicted. I can rip my DVD’s from home and put them on there for my entertainment. The music isn’t as easy to look thru as my Zune but it has awesome gadgets that attach to it for the house. Like a boom box that has awesome speakers. I love the apps…the camera sucks they could have just left that off…but it came with it. Its slim fitting better than my droid making it great for my pocket at work…were I can update my fb, check out my tweets and always have epocrates when I need to look up an unfamiliar drug. So that my Electronic meme…what’s yours??