Sunday, July 31, 2011

In the right place: In the Wrong time

*not actual photo
So my family and I were eating at an ice cream outside the ice cream place. While we were eating at the picnic tables an employee from the ice-cream place pulled out into traffic and was rear-ended. Send both cars to ricochet off each other and across on coming traffic. Luckily there was a retired EMT eating in his truck and he saw the commotion to. I checked on the female in one car while he checked on the male in the other car. The one that I check on was in shock but was not hurt. Other than her crying and checking out her car. Found out later she was in a wreck earlier that week too. She couldn’t have been more than 18. Anyway while I was checking on her the guy from the other car was yelling bloody murder. So after assessing and determining that she would live, I ran over to check on the guy. It sounded like the EMT needed help. He was bleeding from his head and his wrist was definitely broke. It wasn’t angled normal anymore. He was screaming at the EMT to do something about the bleeding before he died. Course the EMT told him no offence but I don’t know you or your blood. So I told him to keep his hand there for pressure. I would be right back.
I went back to the ice-cream joint and got their “first aid kit” . Why is that in quotes? Because it was a joke of a kit. I open it at the accident site to find 2x2 to stop the bleeding. It would have to do for the moment. I put on the gloves and then while the EMT was hold his wrist in place I put one on the other hand for him. I told the male to move his had and I replaced it with fluffed up 2x2 and then reapply pressure. The boss from the ice-cream place followed me. She asked what she could do. Since 911 was already called I asked her to find me something bigger than the 2x2 that were in this box. She did and I just placed those over top of the 2x2 that were on the guys head. I asked the EMT would he like the ice bag for the wrist since he was using his hand to help immobilize his injury. He ask me why? Omg. Without a beat I replied to help with that swelling that was happening to the guys wrist.. Oh that might be a good idea….good grief ya think? ICE BAG was a joke by the way because it was almost the size of the 2 x2 dressings. SHEESH. who makes these first aid kits the smurfs?
2364448Next the cops show up and tell us that the ambulance will be here shortly. The EMT asked who they called. Apparently the crew from a town up. WTH? Considering there were 2 crews in this town. It was forever before they showed up. In fact the tow truck had removed the girls car already. 10 mins after that the ambulance arrived and right behind them was the 2nd tow truck. How sad is that? Well that would have really sucked if we had to do CPR that entire time. Even the EMT guy had to agree on that.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bullies and Bullshit part 2

After 2 days of playing phone tag with school board they finally called me back. They are going to approve their transfer because I work closer to that school than their old school. Has nothing to do with the bullies or the bullshit. But at this point I am just happy the kids will be the hell out of that school. So starting aug 17th they get their new school and seem to be happy about it. Now that makes my life a little less stressful.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Congrats you get the Giant douche award

Okay so my husband has been an ass lately. But the last 2 weeks has earned him the giant douche award. We have been married 10 yrs. now and he has never been a jealous man. Or at least he never has acted like a jealous ass. But the ugly green eyed monster appeared green-eyed-monster-2. I was invited to a pool party by some female coworkers but because there might be a few males their he went bezerk. So much as I don’t want you to parade around in your bikini in front of them. Um what the hell. I look like a whale in it anyway. Plus did I mention he was invited to go? And the guy he is jealous of I swear he is gay plus he is 21 …um ewwww. He just didn’t want to go because he had to work the next day. WTH! So okay it was the first time I had really had a bikini since I lost some weight. In fact I bought it for our beach trip. So I gave him the benefit of the doubt and let it slide. Till today…when he actually got upset over a Facebook status! The night nurses went out for breakfast together. Me being the fb addict that I am posted my location from using the places tag on my phone. Tagged my coworker. Yea well 2 of them were men and he had to point out that it appeared bad to other? what others? And when have I ever given a flippy f@@k? OH! You mean YOUR nosey family my old jealous douche. Don’t worry I block them from seeing my location anyway. Oh and I notice that one of my coworker (male) untagged himself from the restaurant location. Guess his wife is a jealous green eye douche too.
***note to Giant Douche: I really don’t want another man. In fact if things go sour I plan to live single for the rest of my life.