Thursday, April 26, 2012

Depression it’s what’s for Dinner

This neck issue is extremely depressing.  So I am going to update/whine/ and a little bit of ranting.   So you have been warned.
So I was told by the doctor ,my work chose for me ,that I was denied my workman comp claim.  The lady from workman’s comp would call me and tell me why and she would charge my current insurance for all the crap my work decided was what we had to do first.  When my doctor would have sent me to my myelogram weeks ago.  So I waited for this dumbass woman to call. No call.  I spent most of the remainder of the day crying.  I was suppose to be getting my new house.  Now I am not working.  Running quickly out of sick time.  I did call and boo hoo to my boss.  Who told me I will have a job no matter what.  That great except that’s not going to help with the new house I was suppose to get.  I have the funds to make it a few months with no job.  That will eat all my savings for my new house.  My man who never really wanted the damn house keeps saying well maybe it’s for the better.  WHAT PART OF I HATE THIS FUCKING TIN CAN do you not understand?  He is actually trying this time to console me I know but I want to choke him at the same time.  This man who won’t move from this god forsaken redneck hell hill.  I could make twice the money I make now and work less.  I wouldn’t have this neck issue.  I wouldn’t be working mandatory overtime.  No wonder I hurt. Too many hours  and lack of staff.  That’s a whole other rant.
So I called her the next day 6 times and she finally answered the damn phone.
Well even though I was injured at work, on the clock, helping a patient my company can’t seem to pin point when I was injured.  So I was denied.  Meaning I got screwed.  I assume it has to do with the fact I have a previous workman’s comp.  What the effing difference does it make?  It happened at work!  It took a week for the dumb lady at the insurance claim to tell me this.  Especially after leaving messages everyday!  So she help eat up my vacation time.  So fine I will let me insurance pay for it.  So now I am waiting on said dumbass to send my denied letter to my neurologist office.  Which she said she has already sent.  I called and left a message on the secretaries answering machine.  YESTERDAY.  Still no call back or no idea what the hell I am waiting on.  Yea I am not a happy camper at all.  I called again today.  Redirected to that effin answering machine.  I didn’t leave anymore messages.  I called back the doctor’s office and asked to see if she had any luck since no one is returning my calls and this doctor’s office is the only one that believes in answering the phone.

So I wait.  I am not a very patient person.  These people who don’t do their jobs and follow up with messages.  All I want to know is what the hell am I waiting for.  It will take at least a week to get this effing thing scheduled and a few days to follow up with it.  Worse case scenario I am looking at yet another surgery.  Which will be a month to schedule, 6weeks to heal and 4 weeks therapy.  I hate people. 
I swear if my husband ask me if my shoulder/neck is better I am going to make his throat hurt from choking him.  No it still there.  Yes I have good days.  Today I am having a bad day.  No I didn’t do anything I wasn’t suppose to.  It’s fucked up and until they fix it there is no being normal again.  Not that I was ever normal.  Just abled bodied.
So there is my rant.  It took me a few days to type this.  I was pretty depressed and down and out.  Hard to type when all you want to do is cry.  Now I am in the angry, furious, might choke you if you look at me wrong stage.  Not sure what’s the next stage is….


Martina said...

Your man needs to be smacked upside the head with a shovel and he needs to cut those apron strings.

It seems to me that all doctor's want is money and they don't give a ferret's anus about their patients. Maybe it's different elsewhere, but this town sucks ass.

Waiting sucks. I hope they give you an appointment soon.

Leeanna Henderson said...

Yeppers. Been there done that. I was pissed off and depressed at the factory I worked at for denying my WC until I went and hired a Barracuda (lawyer)who made them pay my back WC payments plus pay for all and I do mean ALL medical bills pertaining to my injury in the future. I would give you his number but he would have to be able to practice outside of Texas.

Azmomo2 said...

Did you report the injury right away and fill out an incident report as soon as you did it, or did it hurt in the morning? I would totally file an appeal if I were you, because they don't get to decide that it didn't happen at work if you followed the policy.

Of course filing an appeal and going further with a lawyer and whatever if you do end up out of work for an extended period of time could open another can of worms.

Good luck! They totally suck!

suzanne smith said...

Finally got the call I have an appt on Monday...about freaking time

suzanne smith said...

exactly..azmomo2 6 month battle? no pay. Piss off your work to what get fired for a small thing later? matter what path I choose it's going to suck ass

suzanne smith said...

Martina....waiting sucks...reminds me of trueblood....mmmm distracted...sorry

suzanne smith said...

Found out my insurance won't pay if I am fighting to get covered by workmans' comp. So a double suckage. I don't have the money to pay the doctor full price while I wait to have me appeal heard. Leeanna did you go after them when everything was said and done?

Tonja said...

Been there! Luckily I just got a lawyer when the bullshit started. Otherwise I would never have gotten the surgery I needed on my shoulder and I would be a nurse with no job! Sorry you're getting the runaround.

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

Didn't you know? WC only works if you are a lying asshole. They aren't there to help a real human with real problems. What fucking dicks! I am sure your hubs means well, but, let's face it, they have no clue how to actually be sympathetic without being condescending. Just tell the doctors that you are actually a terrier. Fucking animals get help faster than humans anyway.

I am pissed off for you and I wish like hell I could help make it better.

It will get better. It will it will. Much love to you doll.