Thursday, April 12, 2012

Neck update

So I woke up on Monday in a whole lot of pain.  Tried to get in with the doctor.  No such luck so I had to call in.  I went on Tuesday only to get bad news.  Apparently my ability to turn my head and raise my arms has gotten worse.  She asked me had I been doing my light duty.  Pfft light duty.  I told her I was an ER nurse there is no light duty especially on night shift where we have less staff.  Yes I haven’t been lifting, pushing or pulling more than 20 lbs.  I have been on mandatory overtime.  Which means I work 36 hours and 50 the other week.  All of the stuff I need to do my job is above my head and it’s impossible for me to get other nurses to help me there.   I mean my crew is awesome and help me in a pinch.  But with us already running around with our head cut off I can get them to help me get a freaking gown down.  Really?  I already feel useless as it is. So the Doctor was worried that I might makes things worse under the stress of the job, the extra hours and the fact I work night shift.  Which makes it hard to stay on my meds.  Most of which make me drowsy well at least the muscle relaxer do.  I request no narcotics.  I was using toradol which is a miracle drug.  Only problem my stomach hates it.  So muscle relaxers and NSAIDS to help.  Since the new med Mobic isn’t working she put me on Ultram.  Another great med.  But it also causes drowsiness.  So it’s good for that reason that I was put out of work.  Means I can get some much needed relief.  I just hope my coworker don’t get upset with me because I not working.  I already feel like a slacker as it is.  I don’t think some realize just how much pain I was in.  I tried to stay cheery and myself only to find myself in the bathroom in tears because I was hurting so bad.  I truly did try to  hang on as long as I could.  I know I am a grown adult and should careless what people think.  But when it comes to my job I want to get along with everyone.  Makes it easier to love you job.  If you cause to much of a stir and cause drama makes you hate your job even more.  So I am stuck home for 2 weeks…I hate that since I am such a social person.  But the good thing is I have time to blog and catch up on blogs.  Not to mention visit my favorite forum JUN.  Bad thing is no gym, no work, no lifting anything greater than 5 lbs. ( my little dog is not happy) and no contact with my friends…cause most of those people I work with… Sad smile


Tonja said...

Wow, sorry you're neck is so bad! I sympathize completely, I hurt my shoulder 5 years ago in the ICU, and it's never quite been the same. I found it was a huge teacher in "pain is what the patient says it is"!

Martina said...

On the bright side, you aren't stuck at home all day with an asshole like I am.

Hope things get better soon.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

You'll do fine. You are anything but a slacker. Take care of YOU. :)

Your bud-

suzanne smith said...

Thanks guys. The good news about being home. Looks like I will be blogging all week. Even better I get to catch up on everyones blogs. Boy I was far

Leeanna Henderson said...

Hey sweetie, have you thought of going to a *cough, cough, chiropractor? I know, some of us think they are full of hooie but it might help.
David had a badly pinched nerve in the neck from sleeping wrong and a chiro helped him. Just a thought.