Sunday, May 31, 2009

The meaning of TIRED

What is tired? Tired is working 2-12 hour shifts finishing up 12 chapters in health assessments and almost finishing a whole book of math.
Tired is having to repeat sentences over when talking because the brain no longer functions well enough to say it right the first time.
Tired is falling asleep while studying for this ridiculous test on Monday.
Tired is going to bed at 9 o'clock because your eyes refused to stay awake
Tired is waking up the next morning and almost forgetting to pack your lunch as you leave for work.
Tired is going to work and praying you don’t kill anyone because you have had to double check everything cause you don’t trust your brain to do it right the first time.
Tired is my hubby actually leaving me a message on my cell phone and him actually saying Honey I know your so tired and having a rough 2 days and I love you. Call me back and tell me what I can do to make your nite easier. (yea hard to believe Mejis)
Tired is calling work and telling them hey i left my notebook on the counter.
Tired is coming home from work and falling asleep on the couch before even getting out of your scrubs.
Tired is not wanting to even eat a candy bar cause that would require movement.
Tired is taking 2 days to type this stupid blog because I AM FREAKING TIRED!!!!


Monday, May 25, 2009

Code Red


Okay for those of you who don’t know what Code Red is the picture is an example…anyway here goes the story…yesterday I got conned into working 12 hours on my actually 8 hour day. Well I had a pt that was extremely confused, which wasn’t normal for you. So I called to get a UA on her to see if that was the culprit. Well the Dr. on call was on 4th floor at the hospital and I was on hold…so I hear CODE RED at such and such place 1st floor. (I am on 2nd floor of the LTC/skilled facility) so I hung up cause I was still on hold anyway. Most of us thought it was a drill and we were getting pts to their room and clearing the hallways and awaiting an all clear. Well no one came up to ask us questions like they usually do on a drill. And 10 mins went by. Finally we get an all clear but we noticed the alarm was still sounding and the pts doors that are magnetic were not working. So I called 1st floor to see if they were having the same issue…turns out that the kitchen staff was popping popcorn for a pt on 1st floor and popped it too long and it caught fire. It was technically not a drill and until the smoked cleared the alarms would not go off as would the magnets not work keeping the pts from getting smoke inhalation…wow is all I said said bye

After the “smoke cleared” I called my DR. back that asked me what is more important Me or a Code Red. I said you of course (cause i needed this order) Well why did you hang up on me? Hang up on you? (play dumb…i learned that early in life) I got my order anyway!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Just Breathe

Okay so Exams are over, I have turned in my acceptance letter for the RN bridge program, signed up for my next classes. So I get to breathe for about 10 days before all the craziness begins. Course I need to go pay for classes and get my books. I am hoping for a scholarship because of my great GPA and of course they wait till the last minute to tell you anything. I have yet to inform my boss that I won’t be picking up any extra hours due to the fact 2 more classes have been shoved at me for the summer. I have told mom that I won’t be coming home in June, since i will be in class at that time, she took it well, but we are shooting for August. If not I guess Christmas will be my last shot before the year is up. I can’t believe how fast this is going. If I don’t manage to mess things up I will graduate 2010. Technically 1 yr to go. It feels like I have been schooling forever. whew…I pray my 10 are wonderful rain free days…I want to ride my motorcycle!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sanford and Son’s?

Here is another tale from
Okay so my father-in-law is like the biggest pack rat that I have ever met. He actually built building to put crap in it just like in this pic I found on photobucket.

Anyway…my hubby sometimes has this same affliction of saving junk because I just might need that. I don’t mess in his building…that is his place. The yard and the house is mine. If you haven’t used it with the year you really don’t need it. My in-law has tires from our vehicles and many others from the family. He is also a landlord and he keeps junk that people that don’t take with him. The point of this is my hubby was redneck creating…taking old flower pots and turning them into hanging baskets…when I asked where did you get the pots? Oh dad collects all the pots from his tenants and puts them in the corncrib…said I could have as many as I wanted…sad part is…i was afraid to ask just how many are in there. To tell you how much laying around stuff he has. My husband built the front porch roof with leftover pieces of tin that was laying around…part of the dog pens are made from leftovers.
My hubby I swear should get an award for rednecking inventions too…he can take junk and make it functional…to bad his dad didn’t acquire that talent too…I really don’t think anyone is going to use that toilet that he has lying outside for anything. Then again there is this neighbor that made a flower pot out of one…so who knows lol..

As the redneck world turns…the fight

My hubby to the rescue right?

Okay this story was told to me by my hubby and mother-in-law…I am only retelling…and not elaborating

Okay so my hubby decided that he needed to help his mom round up his brother’s dog that escaped from its pen. Apparently it wandered to the neighbors and scared the bejezus out of the old lady. My hubby decided to inform his brother that he needed to help and apologize to the neighbor…which led to being cussed at and told his dog did no such thing…which led to more foul language shared between the two. Then their mother thought it would be wise to step in between her boys causing her youngest to shove her…which then in turn set my hubby off…so after some punching and rolling on the ground (sorry no redneck pics)…the above is the best i could find... the brother decided he wasn’t fairing so well and pick up a stick and cracked it across my hubby skull a few good licks. I am not sure how the fight stopped I heard that my hubby then proceeded to grab a brick to defend himself when his mom finally got the 2 of them to stop being morons…

I on the other hand after working 12 hours was relaxing on the couch because another 12 would start in the am. My hubby was banging on the door and shouting send the kids to bed. Not sure what was happening I told the kids to go watch a movie in their room and close the door.

In steps my hubby being helped by his mom with a gash from the corner of his eye to his eyebrow. Shirt covered in blood…that's when the story began to unfold…does he go to the ER no call the cops for being attack with a deadly weapon no…so do I feel sorry for him? NO…okay maybe a little the next day when he could barely walk…bruised his knees from rolling on the ground…

Friday, May 1, 2009

Stupidity….There is no Vaccine

Sometimes I wonder just how some people survive in this world. How they get up in the morning and even get dressed without hurting themselves. Well apparently my nursing advisor is one of these people. Yes I did get in and I even swallowed my pride and thanked him for helping me get in. So I asked are there any other classes that I have to complete before my bridge class? Oh no you can take the health assessment class in the fall with the 2nd year nursing classes. Great I said. That was it or so I thought. Got a call today. The is your nursing advisor. Have you signed up for the bridge program yet? I replied no because the letter I received said you will be unable to sign up for Nsg classes until A &P is completed. Which I know I have because all I have left is the Exam and I would have to bomb it not to pass. “ Oh no you can sign up. Oh Dear and I noticed that you need the math and Health assessment,” she stated. Uh okay…i thought i didn’t have to have that until fall. “No you have to have it before…I hope they aren’t filled up yet,”she stated. Great just great to get in and now i have to hope there is a class opening. what kind of crap is this. Okay make a long story short…I have dosage calculations (online May-Jun) and Health Assessment (May-Jul Mon and Wed 8-1230) and then Bridge (July-Aug Mon and Wed 130-530)
Which one of you are going to tell my mom I am not coming home in the Summer?
000179 hmm…maybe i won’t have to put up with the advisor for long lol