Tuesday, May 5, 2009

As the redneck world turns…the fight

My hubby to the rescue right?

Okay this story was told to me by my hubby and mother-in-law…I am only retelling…and not elaborating

Okay so my hubby decided that he needed to help his mom round up his brother’s dog that escaped from its pen. Apparently it wandered to the neighbors and scared the bejezus out of the old lady. My hubby decided to inform his brother that he needed to help and apologize to the neighbor…which led to being cussed at and told his dog did no such thing…which led to more foul language shared between the two. Then their mother thought it would be wise to step in between her boys causing her youngest to shove her…which then in turn set my hubby off…so after some punching and rolling on the ground (sorry no redneck pics)…the above is the best i could find... the brother decided he wasn’t fairing so well and pick up a stick and cracked it across my hubby skull a few good licks. I am not sure how the fight stopped I heard that my hubby then proceeded to grab a brick to defend himself when his mom finally got the 2 of them to stop being morons…

I on the other hand after working 12 hours was relaxing on the couch because another 12 would start in the am. My hubby was banging on the door and shouting send the kids to bed. Not sure what was happening I told the kids to go watch a movie in their room and close the door.

In steps my hubby being helped by his mom with a gash from the corner of his eye to his eyebrow. Shirt covered in blood…that's when the story began to unfold…does he go to the ER no call the cops for being attack with a deadly weapon no…so do I feel sorry for him? NO…okay maybe a little the next day when he could barely walk…bruised his knees from rolling on the ground…

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