Monday, May 25, 2009

Code Red


Okay for those of you who don’t know what Code Red is the picture is an example…anyway here goes the story…yesterday I got conned into working 12 hours on my actually 8 hour day. Well I had a pt that was extremely confused, which wasn’t normal for you. So I called to get a UA on her to see if that was the culprit. Well the Dr. on call was on 4th floor at the hospital and I was on hold…so I hear CODE RED at such and such place 1st floor. (I am on 2nd floor of the LTC/skilled facility) so I hung up cause I was still on hold anyway. Most of us thought it was a drill and we were getting pts to their room and clearing the hallways and awaiting an all clear. Well no one came up to ask us questions like they usually do on a drill. And 10 mins went by. Finally we get an all clear but we noticed the alarm was still sounding and the pts doors that are magnetic were not working. So I called 1st floor to see if they were having the same issue…turns out that the kitchen staff was popping popcorn for a pt on 1st floor and popped it too long and it caught fire. It was technically not a drill and until the smoked cleared the alarms would not go off as would the magnets not work keeping the pts from getting smoke inhalation…wow is all I said said bye

After the “smoke cleared” I called my DR. back that asked me what is more important Me or a Code Red. I said you of course (cause i needed this order) Well why did you hang up on me? Hang up on you? (play dumb…i learned that early in life) I got my order anyway!

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