Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Redneck Lawnmower

Clipart Illustration of a White Man Operating A Red Riding Lawn Mower While Landscaping
Okay so the men on this redneck hill are always on lawnmowers…most times to mow in fact they kind of mow in sync. The 4 men of the hill will mow usually the same day. Some one will start up their mower and mow and then everyone else does. Scary i told mejis you can see how our men will age first you have her man, the youngest balding with a gut, my man with bald but slightly graying beard with a gut, his uncle more graying (or dyed hair) with a very large gross gut with man boobs, their dad Dyed black hair with gray chest hair smaller gut, no ass, man boobs and last his uncle, completely grey and white hair, balding not from shaving, 6months pregnant and completely deaf. Their tempers are very close from mild, severe with beer (our men), his uncle- always severe since his is drunk all the time, his dad talks grouchy (putting up with whiney or lack of sex) and escalate to severe anger when his sons piss him off, to uncle who only gets angry because you are not using the right redneck sign language. What is that you ask? Over dramatizing with you mouth or use of hand gestures cause he is too lazy to learn sign language.
Next we have the lawnmower riders: Where mejis’s man and mine use them for transportation of themselves and their beer. Well sometimes they transport children in the lawnmower wagons. The funny thing is its spreading to the children now. I notice my nephew and the neighbor boy have their own nonblade working lawnmowers and racing up and down the road and everyone's lawn. If we have family cookouts we have the lawnmower parking area…lol How sad is that? I even have a picture of myself and my man driving me down the hill after the Easter egg hunt. I really think for mejis’s marriage that she ride down the isle on one with her flower girl and ring bearer toting in the back wagon. That would be priceless.
Last we have the I run over everything you own rider: That would be my father-in-law.
If your trying to grow something it will get mowed down, flatten by wheels or completely destroyed. He has taken down our saplings, bushes and out DISH which wasn’t cheap to repair. Hence why we got our own lawnmower. His wife will even put up little fences which get bent in the process of trying to save the little flowers. Today…he took out their telephone line…yup snap the line in two…sheesh…look out!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Parrot Patients

Okay being a nurse you see and hear everything…and on a full moon something is always going on. The last full moon was exceptionally noisy, which is the title of my blog. It never fails on a full moon the patients that normally stay in their bed are climbing out and the ones that are quiet are usually loud. In fact while I was working I had 3 pts surrounding the nurses’ station because they wouldn’t stay in bed. One yelling “ if someone don’t take me to the bathroom I am going to poop all over, poop all over, poop all over (mind you he just went to the bathroom) Another was Hey…hey …hey…shut your ass, another… where’s the door where’s the door….another yelling from her room…help I’m dying …help I’m dying (mind you she’s being dying for 3 yrs now)…and last but not least the sound of the beeping of the call lights…that’s enough to drive anyone insane…let alone me. Its fun when you look down and you’ve charted pt lying in bed with 2 rails at bedside….lol makes it hard for my brain to think with all the noise…
It’s even funnier or sadder when you get home and you can hear all those voices to some creepy ass tune in your head….lalala poop all over lalala my ass….lalala I am dying…lalala can’t breathe again…lalalala beep beep beep….omg no wonder I
get migraines…