Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Google Plus

So does anyone have google plus? If so do you like it?  Do you think it will get bigger than facebook?  i have it but don't use it much because there aren't enough people that I know that have it.  Here is my profile look me up and add me on google plus.


if you have google plus tell me what you think about it

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Crush my dreams why don’t you

So like I was saying in my last blog post I am hoping to get a new place.  Not that living in a trailer is a bad thing.  Hell it’s a roof over my head.  But the whole reason I put myself through LPN school was to get a house.  I still didn’t make enough so I went through RN school and now the man is tell me that he doesn’t want to be tied down to a home.
It’s not like I am asking for a 6 bedroom 4 bathroom 100,000 dollar home.  No I just want a simple modular around 80,000 if possible.  Which means our house payment will be around 700-900 dollars.  He is having a fit.  Saying that we won’t be able to buy things or go places.
Mind you this man is a home body that goes to the beach once a year.  That’s it.  He barely spends any money I do.  Which I know I will have to cut back on things which doesn’t bother me.  I really want this house.  Is that so much to ask for?  I want to feel like my hard work paid off for something.
So now he is calling me VAIN?  Because everyone else has a house I want one.  WTF.  Um people want to eat and so do I does that make me vain too?  He told me that if the motorcycles broke down years later we won’t be able to get new ones.  Would you choose a house over a motorcycle.  To which I replied yes.  The he started ranting about how we should just sell my bike if I don’t want it.  No where in that conversation did I imply I didn’t want my bike asshole.
I just want a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house.  To call my own.  The trailer we have is almost 20 yrs. old.  It needs a lot of repairs which he doesn’t do.  He wants to fix this place up and keep living here.  Because the kids will be moving out soon and we will have plenty of room.  Yea like in um 7 yrs.  Plus this place needs minor and some major repairs.
For instance.  The carpet is the first thing that would be replace through out the whole thing.  The cabinets in the kitchen will need to be refaced due to the fact they are not real wood and the chip board can be seen.  The stove needs to be replaced along with the master bathroom tub that has a hole in it.  Yes it’s been patch but it looks like shit. 2 windows have cracks in them which need replacing.  The roof needs to be done.  That’s the major crap not painting and the minor stuff.
So why would I want to waste my hard earned money to fix up a tin can when I could put my money toward a home that appreciates not depreciates?  What does he reply to that?  After I dumb it down to him that appreciates mean it will make more money he states well It’s not like its going to write me a check later and give me money.
I just shook my head and wonder why I married a redneck that has no dreams or aspiration in life.  I worry about the breeding credentials of my dogs but not the man I married. I would say next time I will not marry for love.  But there will NEVER be a next time.  More like I will buy my house myself and live there myself.  Well my dogs will be there with me…lol

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Could it be true?

So yesterday I get a call from my ex-husbands ex-wife. Wow that was a mouthful.  Anyway she has a kid which means my kids have a half-sister.  Usually the kids just chat on the  phone but she wanted to talk to me instead.  Well she wanted to gossip to me.  warning#133I found out that my kids deadbeat just dropped by to see his kid. Apparently it had been a long while since he had done that.  I told her that I was getting some small amount of child support.  That is usually when he becomes dad again.  He hasn’t seen my kids in over 7 years.  I think its because my oldest called him a liar.  But anyway back to the juicy gossip. Apparently she has been harassing child support for her back child support.  Pretty much told them that no one was doing their job blah blah blah.  I think she aggravated her case worker to the point she want to get rid of her. 

So anyway apparently they threw his ass in jail since he is about 15,000 dollars behind.  Apparently they can’t get out of jail until they have paid for said back child support.  Well guess who came to his rescue.  MOMMY!  She got some money when nanny died.  So apparently she promise to pay 13,000 dollars in back child support for him.  He was released from jail.  What I am worried about is she probably put some strings attached to that money.  Like start being involved in your kids life.  I would rather he just give up his rights, which he won’t.  All he does is lie and make my kids life miserable.  He likes to make promises he never keeps. The money isn’t as important as my kids happiness and sanity. 

 So he goes to court today.  His ex told me I should be getting a hefty check in the bank very soon.  Which would be awesome and sickening at the same time.  I notice his Facebook status (cause I am a stalker) states that he is going to court. His ex swears she checked with child support and she is suppose to get her money after one state transfers the funds to our states.  Or so she says. My luck it will get lost in the transfer. So I am not trying to count my chickens before they are hatched.  But its hard not to get giddy.  Finally, time for pay back. 

 My next dilemma.  They money is back child support which mean I have already supported these kids without any help.  So this is payment to pay back what was already spent correct?  Does that mean I have the right to spend is as needed?  Or does this mean I need to bank it and save it? You know how people who pay child support gets pissed when its not spent on the kids. My question for you guys is how the correct way to spend it? I would get their fall clothes with it definitely.  But really they don’t need much since I already bought them a lot of stuff anyway. I would love for a down payment on a house to get the hell out of this TIN CAN.  The kids really need more space for their rooms.  Would that be wrong?  

Which will lead me to my next blog…the man getting pissed that I want a house and out of this TIN can. GRRRRR.  Feedback please!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Being a Nurse always means TMI

Being a nurse you are told things and shown things that you wish you could pluck your eye balls out or shove sharp instruments in your ears.  So if your squeamish don’t read any further.
First there was this family came in and the 63yr old male was here for swollen scrotum.  Pretty swollen and apparently been oozing.  Since I was in triage I place him in a young new nurse’s room.  Not on purpose mind you but let just say she had never saw anything like that I was pretty shocked.  But not as shocked as the Hospitalist that went in to talk with the family because the patient was going to be admitted.  She walked in and was getting some history when the daughter 31 yrs old drew back the sheet and exposed her dad’s junk.  Which was weird anyway but was made worse when the daughter lifted up her dads nuts and said see most of the swelling and chaffing is here.  I have been rubbing Vaseline on his scrotum to help with the pain.  Mind you the 63 yr olds girlfriend was also in the room AWKWARD!
How about the 18 yr old with Herpes that made her boyfriend leave the room because she didn’t want him to know that she had herpes.  Lovely.  Hope he was using a condom.trojanadWhich also reminds me of the guy with Herpes so bad it went all the way to his butthole.  Which was really hard to see.
The women who come in all the time for vaginal pain.  I really think they love the doctors looking at their privates time and time again.  Nothing starts my day off than watching one of the doctors cram their arm up a big girl’s hooha.. sheeh. strong_woman
Believe me I have seen too many woman’s crotches to count. See I have this thing right here as she spreads her legs…. Not to mention peckers..dear lord I have seen more of them than a street hooker.
Then of course you always  have the rambling patient that can never get to WHY ARE YOU HERE.  Well I have this cough and this hang nail on my toe. Also about 2 years ago I had left knee surgery. But now my right knee hurts…AHHHHHH earsbleed_icon439

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Ever had one of those moments where you say DOH!  Or maybe one of those moments when you hear something from someone else and you say WTF?  Well this post is brought to you today by both of those.  First one of my DOH moments.  On my honeymoon I was taking pictures with my new camera.  Taking pictures of our most memorable moments.  Only to realize that I forgot to put film in the camera.  The camera flashes, zooms and clicks just like normal even if there is no film.  I noticed this after about 30 some pictures later.  yup DOH!

Next a fellow nurse, who we are still laughing at, has his duh moment and shares it with us.  He walks into a room with Liquid Motrin for an 8mo old patient in a measuring cup.  Realizing that the meds needed to be in a syringe he thinks to himself what it the easiest way to put the Motrin in the syringe.  He pulled the stopper out and poured the medicine in only to realize it was dripping out the end.  He says crap and turns it back over quickly dumping it on the floor...lol

RNA nurse who thinks he knows it all takes his boards and decides to ask his fellow coworkers a question.  If you have 3.75 and it asks you to round it to a whole number what would it be?  The nurse and I answer 4.  He looks at us perplexed like what really?  Which he then replies well I figured all you had to do was remove the decimal point and that would make it a whole number.  I mean you wouldn't want to make it 4 especially if your giving medication that would be more than prescribed.  Um and 375 wouldn't be more than 4!!!!  WTF  and the sad part was he didn't believe us so he asked another male nurse.  He was dead serious by the way.

So guys tell me your duh huh moments or your WTF ones....I need a good laugh.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Medical updates

So I need to update everyone on the two tests.  First my tata’s squeeze test came back fine.  No malignant finding aka no cancer.  They are not sure what the lumps are but its not showing up on the ultra sound or mammograms …So he just wants me to follow up before the year is up if it becomes larger or more tender.  If that happens then he wants me to see a surgeon specialist to figure out what it is.  So a big SHEEWW is in order.  As for the redneck man’s stress test it came back with good news also.  Passed with flying colors…he did call me all stressed out about the IV and possible nuclear dye they might instill…lol  I think he was afraid of being radio active…I should have asked him if he thought he might turn into Spiderman.  He turn the the “radio” active dye down and just did the regular stress test which is really all he needed anyway. I do like the fact that the doctor made him realize that he was an alcoholic and he has cut back some.   He went from 6- 8oz cans to 2- 18 oz bottles which equals 12 oz less that what he was drinking.  I guess 2 is better than 6? Whatever.  But he did improve on his day’s off from 12 cans to 6.  That’s half.  He is a lot less grouchy.  He also has to relearn how to sleep because the doctor thinks his numbness can be due to him sleeping with his arms behind his head.  He mentioned to me he didn’t know what was harder cutting back on the beer or trying to relearn how to sleep.  So that’s the medical update.