Sunday, February 12, 2012

Life goes on

Okay blogger let's try not to eat this post this time.
Like I tried to post earlier here goes again...retyped grr

Anyway it's not like I am getting bored of blogging it's more like life goes on. You look at your last post and say really has it been that long? Apparently it has. I have just been really busy with work. They are trying to kill the nurses that are still hanging on. We have lost a lot of good season nurses to the competition who is paying nurses more. Why work this hard when you can get more money somewhere else. That or they don't want to work and out looking for jobs that require less effort and the same wages. Bad thing is even with them giving 2 or 3 week notices the company can't get the holes filled fast enough. Meaning the remaining staff is working overtime and ore 12 hour shifts. Sucks since the government take most of your hard earned money. I think they shouldn't be allowed to tax as Much if you are working more than 40 hours a week. Did I mention I don't want overtime???? I think that they shouldn't be able make you work more if you don't want too. Aggravating. In fact I would really prefer to cut back if possible. Kids grow up fast and money isn't everything.

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