Tuesday, October 1, 2013

No job

So living out in BFE sucks.  And getting the homeboy that I am married to motivated to move is like trying to push a freight train up hill by yourself.  So no job.  I applied for the mental health crisis work.  No go because I didn’t have 3 years of consecutive mental health experience.  Um come work in the ER for a few weeks.  Not to mention the 3 years I worked in a nursing home.  But anyway I got over it.  I put all my faith in the prison nurse job and BAM…another no go.  So people keep saying just keep putting in applications.  Great idea right?  Well not when there are no jobs in the area.  Except for the place I currently work at.  Which most of us are trying to leave from.  I have put my application in for dialysis nurse but still haven’t heard anything.  Is it too much to ask for a little bit more money and better hours?  I mean I find it really sad that a PEPSI worker makes just about the same amount of money as an RN.  Yes manual labor is hard and they deserve their money but hello I could help save people and try not to kill no one.  That should count for something.  But of course it doesn’t.  Not anymore.  Todays day in age the health care facilities are all about the all mighty buck.  I just want to work for a place I am proud to work at.  One that respects it’s employees. So keeping my fingers cross that I find this place.  Which I am beginning to think is imaginary…or a figment of my mind.