Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shot of Reality: Really you are wearing that?

Dear PJ People,
I really don’t want to see what pajamas you wear at home.  Walking into the stores still dressed like you rolled of bed is just pure laziness.  I really have to contain myself from asking are you just that sorry?  Fuzzy pant pj’s belong at home not tucked into your winter boots or flips flops.  And really?  You wore your slippers too?  WTF
Sincerely, I learn to dress myself when I was a toddler
PS if you are too lazy to get dress for the day do us a favor be to lazy to leave the house.

Dear Cell Phone Users,
There is a time and a place for cell phones.  There should be a law if you get caught using them in the wrong place we have the right to shove them where they don’t belong.  Like your butt!  Theaters are one place, standing in line at McDonalds and for those that can’t multitask the car might be another.  But the one that takes the cake for me.  Get the F*uck off the phone while I am triaging you.  Nothing proves your not a 10 on the scale when you texting and talking to me. 
Sincerely want to see if you can butt dial?
PS family who decides to come in with patient.  I don’t want to hear you dumb ass ring tones while trying to get a history from you loved one who is sick.  Take it outside asshole.

Dear Er patients
The emergency room is not the place to have family get together.  Now if they are dying I am not talking about you.  This is for the “toothache patients” the “hemorrhoid patient” and the “broken” anything patients.  Do you have any idea just how sick people are while they are here?  If you visit healthy there is a good chance we may see you 3 days later with the stomach flu.  DUH.  Why anyone wants to bring their 3 month old to the ER while visiting a friend is beyond me.  Or how about the 8 family members that show up for the hemorrhoid patient.  Really you want the whole family there while we check out your ass?  I wish this ER would stick to the 2 family members per patient.  This might help keep my hallways clear of nosey family members
Sincerely working in an EMERGENCY ROOM not the Holiday Inn or Chucky Cheese.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with every single one of those. Well, I don't work in an ER, but I can imagine what a pain in the ass that would be.

NP Odyssey said...

Three very good gripes. Some people are too stupid to walk and text, yet they think they can drive and do it.

Got to go, I am waiting in line at McDonald's behind some Pajama and UGG boot wearing teenager who cannot get off her cell phone to order.

Anonymous said...

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insomnia said...

PJ's. You gotta be talking about me.
My fave thing in the world is family memebers with google PHD's.
Google fracture...they are experts.
Google constipation...they come up with a cocktail.
I was stuck working 12 hour days a few weeks ago and the jackass told me MIL's ankle was broken. Ugh, no it's not. This went back and forth til Dr son in law decided for me(who has 16 years of experience) that MIL needs an xray.

I'll be in the store tomorrow in my pj bottoms and slippers on my cell phone.

Anonymous said...

Amen. Amen. and Amen.

Honestly, some people don't deserve to be on this planet.

Thankfully the Darwinian laws are thinning them out.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more....but when I go to the ER with my migraines are you saying I can't bring my entourage which rivals Lady Gaga's?

Rachel Wohld said...

I love your blog! I work in the ICU and can relate to this. How about the 16 year old OD who's mom wants to know when she can eat and the friend brings in Dunkin for the patient.

NurseNightmare said...

i love when a patient is there for a blood sugar for over 500 and the family brings them a crap load of sugary foods. I want to look at them and say would you like a pillow to smother them with? It would be faster since you are trying to kill them.

NurseNightmare said...

i had a mom too busy to watch her 3 yr old and she was playing with the automatic doors at Old Navy. I was waiting for something bad to happen to the kid. I really wanted to smack mom in the head...grr