Sunday, August 12, 2012

Strange case

So here is a strange case for you.
Patient comes in with girlfriend.  Apparently refuses to be placed in a gown.  All he wants is stitches and to go home.  Upon going into room to find out why with the Er doc, I noticed a man who is swollen on the left side on the head.  In fact, the swelling is so bad he cannot open his left eye.  Apparently he fell off a ledge and landed head first.  He continues to insist to the doctor all he need is stitches.  The doctor explains that he needs a full trauma work up.  Especially since it was a 15ft drop when he face planted.  Er Doc explained that he could have fractures, air or blood in the brain.  Patient continues to argue.  All the while the girlfriend has this shit eating grin on her face.  Doctor tries to appeal to her to no avail.  Even after multiple attempts of the doctor explaining this could lead to permanent disability or death.  20 mins later we were able to start an IV, get blood and order x-rays and CT’s.  To which she say all he needs is an x-ray why do we need blood or a CT.  I tried to explain why.  Of course she is looking at me like she has he medical degree.  I once again get the ER doc.  Who spends another 15mins explaining this isn’t burger king you can’t order of the menu.  He explained we need to cover all bases so nothing gets missed.  I explain to them that if they are worried about financial payment that we have many ways to help with that.  She just ignored the lowly nurse. Doctor examines the patient and I assist.  He could feel the fractures of the nose.  He explains this as he is examining the patient. He also has a cut that will need suturing but that is the least of his problems.  The girlfriend bitches about CT the neck when all his injuries appear to be the head.  Did I mention she still had this shit evil grin on her face now?

The girlfriend then bitches about the extra bag of fluids and how all the hospital is pretty much doing is making the bill more expensive.  No matter how much we try to justify why we were doing a procedure or med she always had an excuse.  No matter the risk of death or injury she still was a smart ass.  The doctor mention that he had a case that was look less severe and she had blood and air where it didn’t belong.  They both then complained that due to 1 case they were going to have to all the same tests. 

Third time the doc had to explain himself.

Finally results are in:  You have a fractured nose, zygomatic process, air and blood that don’t belong, a crushed eye socket and now you need to be transferred to a trauma center for surgery.
You would think the light would go on.  HELL NO!  Now the girlfriend states it’s just like a broke arm.  Cast it and go on with it.  Now you want money for a surgery.  GAUGHGHGHGHGHG!  By this time my patience is about gone and I want to strangle this lady.  I explain to her why there is a difference.  Nope I am the dumb nurse and she is a Medical professional.  Which by the way the doctor comments in one of his educational sessions.  That if she had a degree in medicine she could have cause to argue with him.  He would be happy to explain everything to her and why these steps need to be taken. But unless she is a doctor she will have to understand that everything he does is for the concern of the patient’s safety and well being.
She still sat there with a shit eating grin.  Even argued that she could drive him to the hospital despite us telling her that it was unsafe for the patient.
Did I mention said patient was intoxicated?  I still wonder if she beat him with a bat.  I don’t know about you but if my significant other might die I would want everything possible done for him.  Unless I wanted him dead….which is what vibe I was getting from this chick.  Stupid people shouldn’t breed!


Martina said...

Sounds to me as if she caused his injuries and didn't want to get caught.

Tonja Treece said...

Some peoples' children! I would have been nuts with this one. But I've noticed that family & friends are acting more and more belligerent with nurse/medical staff these days. I just had a son of a patient who was at least 15 years younger than me stand at the bedside all shift and question everything I did like I didn't go to school or work for 13 years doing this exact thing!

suzanne smith said...

Yuck Tonja I hate those kind. Had a few of those too. They make you triple check yourself...drives me insane. Sometimes I would like to bitch slap

suzanne smith said...

Martina that's what I was thinking too

TIM Countiss said...

It does sound questionable. Bar fight? Bad neighbor? He probablydid something. Although sounds like the other half had a head lnjury. Or maybe a big insurance payoff!!

Leeanna Henderson said...

Sounds like the beat em with a bat while he's stoned or too drunk to feel it might be right on.Only dumb shits like her will get caught. If she didn't want him to get any care why did she bring him in. Many thoughts on a possible homicide here.