Thursday, September 15, 2011

Crush my dreams why don’t you

So like I was saying in my last blog post I am hoping to get a new place.  Not that living in a trailer is a bad thing.  Hell it’s a roof over my head.  But the whole reason I put myself through LPN school was to get a house.  I still didn’t make enough so I went through RN school and now the man is tell me that he doesn’t want to be tied down to a home.
It’s not like I am asking for a 6 bedroom 4 bathroom 100,000 dollar home.  No I just want a simple modular around 80,000 if possible.  Which means our house payment will be around 700-900 dollars.  He is having a fit.  Saying that we won’t be able to buy things or go places.
Mind you this man is a home body that goes to the beach once a year.  That’s it.  He barely spends any money I do.  Which I know I will have to cut back on things which doesn’t bother me.  I really want this house.  Is that so much to ask for?  I want to feel like my hard work paid off for something.
So now he is calling me VAIN?  Because everyone else has a house I want one.  WTF.  Um people want to eat and so do I does that make me vain too?  He told me that if the motorcycles broke down years later we won’t be able to get new ones.  Would you choose a house over a motorcycle.  To which I replied yes.  The he started ranting about how we should just sell my bike if I don’t want it.  No where in that conversation did I imply I didn’t want my bike asshole.
I just want a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house.  To call my own.  The trailer we have is almost 20 yrs. old.  It needs a lot of repairs which he doesn’t do.  He wants to fix this place up and keep living here.  Because the kids will be moving out soon and we will have plenty of room.  Yea like in um 7 yrs.  Plus this place needs minor and some major repairs.
For instance.  The carpet is the first thing that would be replace through out the whole thing.  The cabinets in the kitchen will need to be refaced due to the fact they are not real wood and the chip board can be seen.  The stove needs to be replaced along with the master bathroom tub that has a hole in it.  Yes it’s been patch but it looks like shit. 2 windows have cracks in them which need replacing.  The roof needs to be done.  That’s the major crap not painting and the minor stuff.
So why would I want to waste my hard earned money to fix up a tin can when I could put my money toward a home that appreciates not depreciates?  What does he reply to that?  After I dumb it down to him that appreciates mean it will make more money he states well It’s not like its going to write me a check later and give me money.
I just shook my head and wonder why I married a redneck that has no dreams or aspiration in life.  I worry about the breeding credentials of my dogs but not the man I married. I would say next time I will not marry for love.  But there will NEVER be a next time.  More like I will buy my house myself and live there myself.  Well my dogs will be there with me…lol


Ann Worthington said...

He's a dumb ass. I'd get my own house and tell him to kiss you where the sun doesn't shine.

Cartoon Characters said...

Any way you can burn the thing down? ;)

JA-RN said...

If I were you, I would start the mortgage application process. See what you could afford on your own salary & be pre-approved before you start looking. This is a buyer's market, doesn't hurt to look or be prepared.

Dark Mother said...

I'm with Ann.

Also, where the hell do you live where you can find a 4 bedroom house for $100k? That goes for around $300k here.....unless you're in the ghett-o.

Fucking rednecks.

Sarah said...

Fine... He doesn't have to move. He is just talking scared. I agree, I would start the app process to see what you would qualify for. Just to see, it won't hurt and no one has to know for now!

OldSquid said...

If ou can move and buy this is a great time with interests rates being so low. Just a question if you are taking into account would it would costs to get out of the trailer (assuming you own).

My wife and I moved out of our condo when our family expanded. We took a hit, but it wasn't bad. One thing I didn't factor in was in the increased amount of sqft and the utilites to keep it warm/cool.

Good Luck! Just found your blog not long ago and love it!

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

It is silly that you had to spend that much time looking for validation that you are right, 100.

You are correct.