Friday, December 31, 2010

Here's your sign

Well I was one of the lucky nurses that got to work the holidays. One thing I really really got tired of hearing was…really I can’t believe they make you work on Christmas…um hey dumb ass it’s because people like you who have had that sore throat for 3 weeks decided to come into the ER to have it looked at. Some days it’s really hard not to slap stupid people. When people say you really have to have patience in order to be a nurse, they were not talking about the hard work. They were talking about the dumb people. Like the guy who really had no idea what fiber was. When I mentioned that his high dose pain killers cause constipation. The guy that had a bruise on his leg and wanted Percocet prescribed to him. Um sure let me hop right to it. Or the 20 yr. old with the “abscess” on his face. Um it’s called a zit. Go to walmart and get some Clearasil dumbass. I actually had a patient come in his military duds and told us this sad sad song about bringing his brothers body home. He left his oxycotin drugs in Iraq. Sure...what he didn’t expect was me calling his CO and finding out he was no longer with the Marines…let go for drug abuse. How sick is that? Then you have the holiday drama’s of the ex’s supposedly abusing the kid that was currently at the other parents house. Which never panned out to be true. Yes the holiday fight that started in the hallway of the ER and moved out to the parking lot. Police escorted them to the big house. Next don’t forget the how in the hell do you shoot yourself in the leg?
But mind you there are plenty of really sick patients. Like the grandfather that didn’t want to upset Christmas with his family so he put off the chest pains. Only to have a massive MI and die. The drunk driver that learned to fly thru the windshield and die. The stress induced heart attacks from the constant bickering of family members. One reason why everyone should learn to get along…or at least keep the drama at home. Grandma and pa don’t need to see your stupidity. Had a lady apologize for bothering me on this holiday. She tried her best to wait till Monday, she had a stoke btw.
But you will still get those low life’s that throw tantrums out in the waiting room because their abdominal pain is worse than that lady’s chest pain. Even though they have been here 5 times this month and all the tests done with MY HARD WORKING TAX money showed NADA…nothing not a damn thing you stupid idiot! I can’t wait…we are getting ready to pass a dental/ back pain specialty…no narcotics!! The next thing is making those frequent fliers pay the full bill if it’s a nonemergent issue. LIKE THE FLU. I ache all over and have a headache…go home to bed quit spreading your crap to us. To the lady’s who think we enjoy looking at your lady parts?? When you have abdominal pain 2 days after you start ragging…its called PMS. Take a Midol and get out your heating pad. Stop coming to the ER…and ER doctors stop giving them dilaudid for it. I know you are men and never had cramps but they can live just fine with them…the rest of the millions of woman have. So that’s my update holiday rant..