Saturday, June 30, 2012

More Google Search and how you found my blog

  • humor
  • gunshot hole in pillow~ why does that sound like one of my as the redneck world turns posts?  Hmm well the summer isn’t over yet.
  • pig money box~ that’s just weird …what the heck is that?  A piggy bank that can box?  Or money that drops out of some pig’s box.  No idea
  • People eating candy and falling asleep~  first off why are you searching that combination?  Who falls asleep while eating candy.  Especially if it’s chocolate.  I am going to stay wide awake it all of it and look for more.
  • Falling asleep at work pictures~  well no such luck on this blog.  I am usually bitching about being over worked.  Then again maybe I am talking about some of the prn lazy nurses we have.  That might be a possibility
Thanks to all of those people who have accidently stumbled upon my blog.  I hope you come back and visit my insane asylum again.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Things that make you go hmm: You cut yourself where

  • Lady came in fell off a chair and landed on her hootchie…on the post of the chair.  It took 3 stitches to repair her hoo-ha. Ouch…along with major bruising to her buttocks…her friend tells her…that’s a new way to get wood Hun…sounds like my
  • Guy was jumping out of a tree to land in a lake.  Limb broke huge laceration to foot with possibility of tree still in foot.  Surgery anyone?  Look like string cheese…ouch
  • Inmate got clocked a few times in the face, laceration to the eye lid ouch..2
  • Guy came in I have a small cut to the hand.  Take of towel to see he degloved his finger.  Don’t know what that is see picture below…warning a bit disturbing.
  • Inmate sliced open his abdomen just so he could get a holiday away from the jail…that’s a whole new meaning to a dream vacation.
Apparently this dude got his wedding ring caught on something…it was similar to this but his pointer finger

Monday, June 25, 2012

Stupids: more Pajama people

When you think the pajama people couldn’t get worse.  You have the pajama creators.  If you haven’t seen these new creations take a tour in the pj department in wally world.  There are fuzzy shorts.  You know those fuzzy thick pants to keep you warm in the winter?  Apparently they now have them in booty shorts.  Do you know what is funnier or should I say sadder? My youngest was telling me a girl at school wears them for gym shorts.  Really?  WTH!  Besides the fact this is a child, where is the mother in all this or even the school gym teacher?  That is not a statement child…unless you are going for MORON!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Shoulder Blues

SO …I thought the shoulder was doing great.  No tens unit at work for almost 2 weeks.  A whole week of no pain meds including muscle relaxers…and bam couple days ago it reminded me it was still there.  Nothing is worse than a muscle spasm.  If I had to explain it I would say it’s similar to a Charlie horse that you get in you calf.  Only I can’t reach it to rub the stupid pain out and it’s worse when I try to use my right arm or hand.  Fun right.  I know that my physical therapist thinks that I might have to switch from an ER nurse to a desk nurse.  But I didn’t lift anyone or thing.  It was just over use of my (R) arm.  So what the hell am I suppose to do (L) handed?  I guess I could work in construction and turn the stop/slow sign…frustrating.  I couldn’t continue on in the army because of hurting my knee and now I can’t do nursing.  What the fuck people.  I know people who sit on their ass and could work…but don’t and I want to work and can’t .  This is so frustrating.  Don’t ya just love the roller coaster of life.  I want off for awhile please.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Shot of Reality: Flip floppers, Old bags & Bug killers

Dear motorcycle rider,
Really riding with flip flops and shorts is a wise decision?  Ah I see you do have a helmet on.  Apparently you already have damage to the brain you could skip it also.
You must be so smart.  Especially if you have to put your feet down real fast.
PS enjoy your road rash and protruding bones moron

Dear Dumb Redneck,
I know it was really import to get that beer from the mini mart.  Word of advice when you back up your huge SUV make sure people aren’t parked in the parking spot 20 feet away.  Apparently your mammoth of a vehicle requires more of a backup range than normal.  That was me banging on your back glass.
Not a fan of being squashed like a bug.  I was the bug sitting on the bike who you almost hit.

Dear Old Man,
Blinkers are meant to be turned off,  Speed limits should be obeyed within a 5 mile limit,  and for Pete sake stay the heck out of the hammer lane.
Unable to pass on Interstate with idiot going 55 in a 70 zone….AHHHHH!

Dear Man,
Please keep your comments to yourself about the house.  Since I am the one that has found all the info, copied all the papers and spent hours of my days off looking and planning “our” house. 
The only reason this is “our” house is because it will take 2 incomes to pay for it.  So shut up before I flip out!

Friday, June 22, 2012

First and Second date

Okay if you are not familiar with this monstrosity that I seem to find myself watching it’s about a girl who gets pregnant in school.  Which seems to be happing more often these days.  The thing that’s worse is everyone in this show is sleeping with someone or more than one.  I don’t let my kids watch this.  I did at first until they continued to sleep around and promote that getting pregnant is all fun and cool.  Anyway here’s the real reason I am writing this blog my oldest daughter went on her first date.
That is awww…and all but it’s also scary as hell.  Especially if you watch this trash up above in said picture.  Of course we have had the “sex” talk and guys want sex talk…blah blah.  It’s still cute to see them go on their first day and trying to keep those thoughts at bay here’s how her first day went.
He was late.  Yup almost an hour late.  Not on purpose mind you just was so nervous got the time wrong.  He did bring flowers…not because he was late.  Saw him buying those the night before.  Anyway being the joker I am…I had to mention that my husband was beginning to get the shot gun out…for standing her up…bawahahahah
Next I took some poorly sneaky picture with my camera…trying not to embarrass my daughter.  Even though while we were walking into the theater I mention they will be sitting 5 row in front…no making out and no sneaking out.  MOMMMMM!  cried my oldest…bawahahahh.  After we went out for pizza so they could chit chat some.  He was so nervous he kept forgetting where his conversation was going and got lost mid sentence.
About 3 weeks later she went on her second date.  I did not chaperone this one.  They went to the local skating rink.  Apparently he really can’t skate and waddled like a duck as my daughter was telling me.  Then again my daughter can’t walk up steps since she did a face plant on them on the way up to the porch.  Which caused the small dogs to yap and the mom to shout “no kissing on my porch!”   “We’re not kissing…mom!”  I love giving her a hard time.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Grinds My Gears:House aggravation

Okay I am at the point I don’t want a damn house.  The guy from the first place is raising Cain to the Norris dealerships.  (The type of housing we are going with).  First at the on in one city.  So no one would help the salesman at the one I am currently going through.  So he switched plants…same issue! This Asshole has eyes somewhere in the Norris plant apparently and caught wind that I was getting a Norris somewhere else.  He called that plant manager and they refused to help the guy I am working with.  Stated that they didn’t want to get into the middle of a sales war and if he went through their plant then need to get all the sales profits.  Even though  ugh my guy has done all the leg work.  SO 1 effing day before we close we are switching companies from a Norris to a clayton Rutledge. Pushing yet again our closing date.  This plant will still build the exact layout.  However once again on my day off I had to pick colors out and wait for a new closing date.
And all my man can say is “see maybe we shouldn’t get a place”
kill me now!
Dear God, please grant me patience today, because if you grant me strength, I'm going to need your help to hide the bodies. Amen!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Look

Okay I still wanted the scary look but without all the gore.  What do you think?  Unfortunately I can't figure out what I did to my twitter feed that is all in white.  I have tried re-installing the plug in but to no avail it had failed.  Any ideas?  I think it looks a little brighter and not so drab.  Can everyone read the text ok?

Monday, June 18, 2012


So I have been going to therapy for almost a month now.  I have been to therapy before back when I had my surgery.  What I wasn’t expecting this time was not advancing like I did after my surgery.  It’s sad to say that I almost wished I needed surgery.  I was healing much faster then than I am now.  I am almost at a stand still.  You would think that nerve damage would be harder to come back from than muscle damage.  But apparently that’s not true.  I have had the epidural block and yes it did help the numbness.  But it hasn’t help the muscle spasms in the (R) shoulder.  I went back to my original doctor and he switched my muscle relaxer and extended my physical therapy.  Since my neurosurgeon wouldn’t listen to me.  However…
My neurosurgeon finally sent me to a neurologist that specializes in trigger therapy.  I had 5 shots of xylocaine shot into my should in trigger areas.  Burned like the devil but I guess if you hurt bad enough you will try anything to get better. It took a few days but I could tell the difference some.  I have noticed that some of the pain is coming back.  I am hoping that it subsides before it consumes me again.  Because the therapist still thinks that I will have to switch what I do for a living.  Which really depresses me.  I was home for a little over a month, used all my sick time, all my vacation time and now what?  It’s not like I have money or time shooting out my butt to change my way of life.  Plus we decided to move forward on getting the house.  Why?  Because this tin can is falling apart and if we wait much more we will have to sink more money into this sinking ship of a home.  UGH!!  Frustrating.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Life goes on...

I have been so busy lately trying to get back on my feet that I have seem to have neglected everyone on the net.  Not just blogger.  Even Facebook, MSN and twitter. It's amazing just how fast life goes on.  I am so far behind on everyone's blog and I apologize.   I find myself less and less on the net due to work, family, physical therapy and trying to find a new place to live.  Pretty much all I do now is update my Facebook status.  I have even been forgetting to wish people happy birthday on Facebook.  Which is kinda sad.  Of course it doesn't help that I rarely use my computer anymore now that I have my iPad.  I check out the news feed, leave comments and leave status updates and go on with life.  Quick and Easy.  Unfortunately the iPad is a little more limiting that my computer.  It lacks the birthday warnings that are on the right hand side like my computer.  lol... 

  I spend most of my days off now in physical therapy so I can try to keep my job.  It kind of takes up most of my time.  The other part of my days off seem to be revolved around millions of errands.  I would help if I wasn't the only one in my family doing these errands.  People probably think I have fallen off the edge of a cliff or something.  I am still here and hope to catch up on some blog reading.

Another guilty pleasure I have is reading.  Alot of my authors I read have published some new books and I seem to be caught up in them right now.  That and I have discovered some new authors that have kept my attention.  I love my iPad for the ability to read in the dark when the man is sleeping.  But I still use my nook everywhere else.  It seems to be easier to read now that I have an e- reader.  I have even notice that my youngest is reading much more now that she has one too.  Too bad I can't say that about my oldest who is wrapped up in Facebook and her new boyfriend.  That is a whole blog in itself. Hoping to get back to blogging soon.  I will update everyone on the therapy process shortly.  Hope everyone is doing well.

Friday, June 8, 2012


Sorry no more anonymous comments will be allowed. Blogger can't seem to stop the spam from getting through. I was just filtering the comments on my own but lately I have been receiving so many spam comments daily it's driving me insane. If you want to leave a comment an identity will be required. Sorry for the inconvenience. But the spam is more annoying.

Friday, June 1, 2012


So I have some new addictions like I need more of those.
Near the hospital a Dunkin Donuts has opened up.  Mind you I already have and addiction to Starbucks.  However I can obtain more liquid crack cheaper and in bigger quantities.  I get the same jittery caffeine high but I guess I would be like comparing cocaine to meth.  It’s just not as good.  But I guess you get what you paid for.  But at least I don’t have to drive 12 miles out of the way at work to get some coffee.   I thought I would save money.  Nope now instead of getting my addiction once a week like I did with Starbucks I find myself drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee every day I work.  So I am back to square one of my addiction.  Sad I know
The next addiction involves that boob tube
I have discovered Big Bang Theory.  Well I should say since the beginning of the year.  So I find myself watching the program on any channel that is playing the reruns along with the new ones on the main programming channel.  I think the only thing I would have love to see more of is the actor that played Darlene on Roseanne to have a bigger part.  It’s funny to see a combination of old sitcom actors thrown together in this hilarious show.  It’s like the took the best of each worlds and crammed them together.  Love it.  So I shall leave you with one of my favorite Sheldon moments.