Sunday, June 24, 2012

Shoulder Blues

SO …I thought the shoulder was doing great.  No tens unit at work for almost 2 weeks.  A whole week of no pain meds including muscle relaxers…and bam couple days ago it reminded me it was still there.  Nothing is worse than a muscle spasm.  If I had to explain it I would say it’s similar to a Charlie horse that you get in you calf.  Only I can’t reach it to rub the stupid pain out and it’s worse when I try to use my right arm or hand.  Fun right.  I know that my physical therapist thinks that I might have to switch from an ER nurse to a desk nurse.  But I didn’t lift anyone or thing.  It was just over use of my (R) arm.  So what the hell am I suppose to do (L) handed?  I guess I could work in construction and turn the stop/slow sign…frustrating.  I couldn’t continue on in the army because of hurting my knee and now I can’t do nursing.  What the fuck people.  I know people who sit on their ass and could work…but don’t and I want to work and can’t .  This is so frustrating.  Don’t ya just love the roller coaster of life.  I want off for awhile please.


Martina said...

I hope that you don't have to change jobs.
Also, don't assume that just because someone doesn't have a job that they sit on their ass. Some of us are housewives and that is work.

suzanne smith said...

I wasn't talking about housewives,that is a job. A job very under appreciated. Even worse for those that are doing that plus work a full time job.
I am talking about welfare people who refuse to get job or look for jobs. The ones my tax money pays for. I don't owe those people shit. I shouldn't have to pay for them to sit on their ass all day. Especially those who don't provide for their kids and drink and smoke their check away. Not to mention the drug seekers who come in my er every week for their fix. My point is that I am at work in pain and these fakers who we see on camera goofing off in the parking lot but when getting closer to the ER all of a sudden develop a limp. Those people get to me. The ones who have been scan, X-rayed and sent to specialist and don't have a damn thing wrong with them. Not to mention those who don't do what the damn doctor tells them to do. If you want to stop hurting this is what you have to do. I have done everything the doctor has to me to do with no improvement. That's what I was getting at.

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Suzanne, as an older, overworked, arthritic i would advise you to start learning to do as many of your ADL's as you can left-handed.

For me it started when wiping after toileting became impossible because my right thumb wouldn't participate and really made me tear up with each attempt to use it. So there began the switching. I started to use lefty to brush my hair and teeth, stir, lift any and everything, turn key in car and doors...

Start practicing for when you have to use these skills. If you do, these inevitable transitions will be so much less traumatic. I was told this by an OT several years ago and it helped me tremendously when my physical troubles began.

I am sorry you are suffering. Muscle spasms where you cannot reach them are absolute torture. Thermophore moist heating pads, altho expensive, have helped me many times and they are safety switch protected , so no burning yourself in the unlikely event that you fall asleep.