Monday, June 25, 2012

Stupids: more Pajama people

When you think the pajama people couldn’t get worse.  You have the pajama creators.  If you haven’t seen these new creations take a tour in the pj department in wally world.  There are fuzzy shorts.  You know those fuzzy thick pants to keep you warm in the winter?  Apparently they now have them in booty shorts.  Do you know what is funnier or should I say sadder? My youngest was telling me a girl at school wears them for gym shorts.  Really?  WTH!  Besides the fact this is a child, where is the mother in all this or even the school gym teacher?  That is not a statement child…unless you are going for MORON!


Tonja said...

Can't comment, I have no booty! Just morals.....& dignity...sort of.

Martina said...

I haven't noticed them at the store, but then again I don't really look at clothes when I'm in there.
The mother probably wears them herself. Scary.

otin said...

I can only imagine what kids wear to school these days.