Thursday, June 28, 2012

Things that make you go hmm: You cut yourself where

  • Lady came in fell off a chair and landed on her hootchie…on the post of the chair.  It took 3 stitches to repair her hoo-ha. Ouch…along with major bruising to her buttocks…her friend tells her…that’s a new way to get wood Hun…sounds like my
  • Guy was jumping out of a tree to land in a lake.  Limb broke huge laceration to foot with possibility of tree still in foot.  Surgery anyone?  Look like string cheese…ouch
  • Inmate got clocked a few times in the face, laceration to the eye lid ouch..2
  • Guy came in I have a small cut to the hand.  Take of towel to see he degloved his finger.  Don’t know what that is see picture below…warning a bit disturbing.
  • Inmate sliced open his abdomen just so he could get a holiday away from the jail…that’s a whole new meaning to a dream vacation.
Apparently this dude got his wedding ring caught on something…it was similar to this but his pointer finger


Tonja said...

Ouch ouch ouch ouch! I'll beware of chairs from now on!

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

Holy jumped up Jesus Palamina. That is why my husband won't wear his ring when working on an engine or anything. That was nasty!


Leeanna Henderson said...

When David had the fight with the table saw and lost, I knew he was going to lose that pointer finger. When I got to the hospital The docs in Er were calling for a unit of O-Neg and making arrangements for transfer to San Antonio. I talked it over with the doc and he cancelled the unit of blood and David had surgery at the OR here. The ER doctor was a bit miffed when he asked if I was a doc too and I told him I was a Lab Tech. I told him i knew David was going to lose that finger because the tendons were severed.

Martina said...

The finger is nasty and a reminder not to wear rings when working.
I kind of feel bad for the inmate who sliced his own abdomen. He must have been Bubba's bitch and need a vacation from that. lol