Saturday, June 23, 2012

Shot of Reality: Flip floppers, Old bags & Bug killers

Dear motorcycle rider,
Really riding with flip flops and shorts is a wise decision?  Ah I see you do have a helmet on.  Apparently you already have damage to the brain you could skip it also.
You must be so smart.  Especially if you have to put your feet down real fast.
PS enjoy your road rash and protruding bones moron

Dear Dumb Redneck,
I know it was really import to get that beer from the mini mart.  Word of advice when you back up your huge SUV make sure people aren’t parked in the parking spot 20 feet away.  Apparently your mammoth of a vehicle requires more of a backup range than normal.  That was me banging on your back glass.
Not a fan of being squashed like a bug.  I was the bug sitting on the bike who you almost hit.

Dear Old Man,
Blinkers are meant to be turned off,  Speed limits should be obeyed within a 5 mile limit,  and for Pete sake stay the heck out of the hammer lane.
Unable to pass on Interstate with idiot going 55 in a 70 zone….AHHHHH!

Dear Man,
Please keep your comments to yourself about the house.  Since I am the one that has found all the info, copied all the papers and spent hours of my days off looking and planning “our” house. 
The only reason this is “our” house is because it will take 2 incomes to pay for it.  So shut up before I flip out!


Texan Zombie Goddess said...

Flip flops on a motorcycle. He'll keep his head, but be walking around on prosthetics soon enough lol.


suzanne smith said...

no idea Martina but your comment got deleted. I just love blogger