Friday, June 1, 2012


So I have some new addictions like I need more of those.
Near the hospital a Dunkin Donuts has opened up.  Mind you I already have and addiction to Starbucks.  However I can obtain more liquid crack cheaper and in bigger quantities.  I get the same jittery caffeine high but I guess I would be like comparing cocaine to meth.  It’s just not as good.  But I guess you get what you paid for.  But at least I don’t have to drive 12 miles out of the way at work to get some coffee.   I thought I would save money.  Nope now instead of getting my addiction once a week like I did with Starbucks I find myself drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee every day I work.  So I am back to square one of my addiction.  Sad I know
The next addiction involves that boob tube
I have discovered Big Bang Theory.  Well I should say since the beginning of the year.  So I find myself watching the program on any channel that is playing the reruns along with the new ones on the main programming channel.  I think the only thing I would have love to see more of is the actor that played Darlene on Roseanne to have a bigger part.  It’s funny to see a combination of old sitcom actors thrown together in this hilarious show.  It’s like the took the best of each worlds and crammed them together.  Love it.  So I shall leave you with one of my favorite Sheldon moments.


Texan Zombie Goddess said...

You *just* discovered "Big Band Theory"? That is so sad lol. Also, MHO, Dunkin coffee *sucks*! It rates up there with Tim Horton's. We don't have a Starbuck's anymore, and it pisses me off, and I seriously haven't had SB coffee since January because I have to drive to a whole different town altogether to get some. I will not go to DD or TH, because I'd rather suffer than drink sludge lol.


Azmomo2 said...

I grew up on DD and never liked coffee though I tried it over and over again. So Starbucks popped up and their frapaccino was a great way to ease into the tastes of coffee for me, until I was drinking a straight up ice coffee :-) Now Hubby will hit up the DD and I will go to Starbucks... it's an interesting pairing :-)

BTW Obsessed with Big Bang over here too!! Love me some Sheldon!

Leeanna Henderson said...

I love Sheldon! He's so funny and condescendingly annoying all at the same moment in the time space continuum. Bwaahahahahahahaaa! Another show I love is Eureka. I started watching it when it first started then I started working nights. But I came back to it when I got hurt and couldn't sleep. Now it's in it's final season. :( I'm going to have to go rent the seasons I missed.

Martina said...

I love Sheldon and Amy or Shamy. lol Oh and Raj. I've seen all the episodes, but I still watch the reruns.
As for Dunkin Donuts coffee I can honestly say I have never tried it. Amazing, I know.

Rachel Wohld said...

My husband has all four seasons of BBT on DVD and has had the fifth season on pre-order since Feb. 3 and it won't be delivered until Sept.!

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

I had never heard of it until a couple of years ago and my friend from Atlanta came to visit. He had never watched 2 1/2 men. We both loved the other's show. Then we realized Chuck Lore had produced both. Excellent to Sheldon!! His mother was on Roseanne too