Thursday, June 21, 2012

Grinds My Gears:House aggravation

Okay I am at the point I don’t want a damn house.  The guy from the first place is raising Cain to the Norris dealerships.  (The type of housing we are going with).  First at the on in one city.  So no one would help the salesman at the one I am currently going through.  So he switched plants…same issue! This Asshole has eyes somewhere in the Norris plant apparently and caught wind that I was getting a Norris somewhere else.  He called that plant manager and they refused to help the guy I am working with.  Stated that they didn’t want to get into the middle of a sales war and if he went through their plant then need to get all the sales profits.  Even though  ugh my guy has done all the leg work.  SO 1 effing day before we close we are switching companies from a Norris to a clayton Rutledge. Pushing yet again our closing date.  This plant will still build the exact layout.  However once again on my day off I had to pick colors out and wait for a new closing date.
And all my man can say is “see maybe we shouldn’t get a place”
kill me now!
Dear God, please grant me patience today, because if you grant me strength, I'm going to need your help to hide the bodies. Amen!


Martina said...

I would have murdered someone by now if I were in your place. Not even joking.

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Me too. I'd be screaming at my friends, kicking my furniture and eating the assh*&^s doing this to me. You, my love, have a ton of patience and good nature. The husband would torque my gears too with comments like that last one... I'm sending a hug.