Thursday, January 3, 2013

Holiday Flu Blues

flu_right_stay_homeWhy the heck would you want to come to the ER on Christmas?  Apparently it’s a popular thing in my area.  In fact most people assumed we wouldn’t be busy so they waited to come in then.  WRONG!  In fact there was a 3 hour wait in the ER.  Which doesn’t sound bad but all 29 rooms were completely full with the staff of about 7 nurses and a 3 doctors.  Most of the people that showed up were there for the flu.  There is no cure for the flu so running to you local ER isn’t going to fix it.  Having the flu does make you feel like you are dying.  I had it.  Lasted 5 days of hell.  Best thing I took?  MOTRIN…which is over the counter.   Tamiflu is over priced and over rated.  People think it’s the cure for the flu.  At best it may shave off a day of the flu.  Not worth the 200 dollar price tag if you don’t have insurance.  Now if you have the stomach flu and can’t keep anything down then by all means come to the ER so we can pump you full of fluids.  But the regular aches, chills and fevers can be took care of at home.  STOP COMING OUT AND SPREADING IT!


The most whiny people?  You would think it would be the little kids…nope 16-25yrs old.  I have never seen people act like they were dying.  I actually had a girl tell me she was dying and refused to put her mask on because of it.  WTF.  So you would rather infect the entire ER with it  Fabulous…do me a favor sit next to the guy with the finger pain x 6months…he deserves to get it too.  Had another tell me that he deserved to go straight back because he was dying.  NO vomiting.  Just fever and body aches.  Sure lets take you straight back to the trauma room.  Because you are dying much more than the guy who went through the windshield of his car and is bleeding to death.  Let me wheel him out in the waiting room so you can have his room.

Please wear a mask.  I have never seen so many noncompliant patients in all my life.  As a courtesy to other please wear a mask if you have flu like symptoms.  The other people that are there for broken bones or lacerations really don’t need to get sick.  In fact I told one asshole to please wear his mask because the 88yr old lady with the broken hip doesn’t want to die because they caught the flu from you.  Yea I know I am such a bitch.  Please feel free to cough on the guy who has been here 3 times this week for his bruised leg who swears it’s really broke despite the x-rays proving it’s not.

Last but not least you are not invincible if you have the flu shot.  I know this for a fact.  I was made by my employer to have the shot.  3 weeks later I had flu A..yippee.  Never had the flu before.  I see so many stupid people at the ER.  STOP bringing you kids and family member who aren’t there to be seen by a doctor.  This is not the place to have family get togethers. The flu is so rampant if you aren’t sick while visiting the asshole next to you who won’t wear his mask will be happy to share it with you.