Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Deadbeat dad's

I really don’t talk about my ex because he is a low life asshole. My 2 kids are not my husbands. They are from my first marriage. Now mind you I met him in the army. He thinks he is the shit because he has served his country and has been to Iraq 3 times…now i really appreciate what veterans have done for us but…grrrr
First let me tell you he has never been a father to these kids. Only when it appealed to him. Like when i wanted them on his weekend wouldn’t he pretend that it matter that he saw them. In the last 4 years he has seen them maybe 5 times…and none in almost the last 2 1/2 years. (btw i have a calendar with the dates, just take me to court prick) He never wrote the kids to tell them he was even alive while in Iraq. I know alot of people that never forgot to write their family. He is a truck driver for the army and even got hurt over in Iraq. So yes your a veteran.. But remember you were committed to the mental institute by me cause you tired to kill yourself before you ever were in Iraq so getting committed after is not an excuse not to contact your daughters. Its called a phone…can’t afford it? Its called a letter…if you can get a new tattoo every month u can afford a fucking 44 cent stamp! This is what his mood said on MySpace “ive been away for a while this i know,but i have to heal myself before i can be with those who are my soul,I DO LOVE MY DAUGHTERS” we haven’t received any calls or child support in about 2 yrs. samp0f780377fe1bcb31 And he loves his daughters? WTF? He swears he is stress from the war and is not safe to be around. But what about before he left for the war? When he saw the kids when it was convenient he would take them to McDonalds. My kids actually hated going there. He actually waited until the day he was leaving for Iraq and spent 30 mins with the kids in my yard. What kind of attention is that? My oldest wants to change her last name to my hubby’s. He is telling people I am the bitch that won’t let him see his kids? Hello i am the one that takes them to see him mom not him? where the hell was he when his oldest had surgery? he wasn’t in Iraq then? ah no! Does he even know what grade they are in? He wasn’t there for their first band concerts…or for their baptism. Or how hard his oldest is struggling in school. He doesn’t take them fishing like my hubby does. Or picks them up from school. He wasn’t there when they were sick or sad. Or when they had nightmares because they thought he died over there or crying because he doesn’t love them. Does he know just how he hurt his kids? No he doesn’t care…he hide behind his I am not safe to be around…i am not safe to be around..i might just wring your neck for all the pain you put MY kids you stupid sperm donor, married 3 times and can’t keep a woman cause you can’t stop screwing up… They have grown up these last 2 1/2 years without him. He can take his love and shove it up his ASS! He isn’t going to fix himself he was screw up a long time ago WAAAAY before the war…so don’t give me that crap! And for the spies that read my blogs and send it to him FUCK YOU!
okay i feel better…