Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Let the shit hit the fan


So as I was saying that buying this house has seriously been a nightmare.  But I really wasn’t expecting my neighbors (family member) to join in the fun of it.  Apparently we pissed said neighbor when the surveyor came and place our little stakes in the ground.  He was upset to find out that he didn’t own as far back as he thought.  Well after the nightmare that day that the bank did to us the dealer sent out the contractor to stop by.  That way he could see if there will be anything in the way of placing our home on our land.  For instance we have a building and a barn that they have to pull this monstrosety through.  We the contractor was measuring the driveway to see if there would be enough room.  The asshole   neighbor came flying out of his house along with his one-legged heifer wife.  They started yelling and saying that not one wheel of their truck will touch his land.  Blah blah blah and how he owns most of the driveway.  Which I believe he is full of shit.  So now we have to remove a tree so we can get our house to our land.  WTF.  He would rather kill a tree than harm his grass?  Grass not shrubs, flowers or anything that might get damage.  Grass and btw sand.  Where the drive washes out at the bottom of the hill.   He is such an a-hole aw hell he is the whole flipping ass.  So I thought that would be the end of it.
Nope my father in law went down to try to talk sense into his brother.  Boy that went over like a turd in a punch bowl.  His one-legged heifer  called the cops.  Cried and said that her husband was being beaten up.  Really?  You had to hide behind your woman’s skirt?  Awwww…are we a pussy?     sorry-feeling-such-pussy-get-well-ecard-someecards
Anyway my father in law pretty much told the officer of his harassment of the kids, the name calling and the flipping of the bird.   The cop tells him that he might be able to get along with his neighbors better if he stopped acting that way.
So what does he do?  After the cop leaves he takes tent stakes and stake off his land.   And places a tent stake in the drive way.   Now I don’t know about you but I don’t drive with a flipping magnify glass.  Who the hell is going to see that?  My tire which will probably receive a flat.  Hope he like’s purchasing new ones.  After all is said and done he wanted my father in law to shake his hand.  WTF?  Nothing was solved. 
As soon as I got home from the grocery store my father in law had to show me how I need to drive up the drive way from this day forward.  I told my father in law I would try that but in the freaking dark I will never see that stake.  I also told him I plan to sue when it damages my car.  He instructed that I needed to be nice so as I don’t upset him worse.  Who the effin cares.  I don’t.  In fact I am thinking about placing a nice compost pile at the borderline of our property.  Maybe placing a fan to wharf the smell directly to his screened in back porch.   Or hello the dog kennels so they can bark at him the entire time he is working in the garden.  UGH!  But I won’t I still have to live here.  Though I am tempted to call the law every time he drives since I know he is most likely intoxicated.  But if he keeps cat calling my kids while they wait for the bus I am calling the law….oh and the stake now has a bucket over it.  I guess my FIL told him about the lawsuit…it amazes me the comments I hear about this family member and how no likes him.  Yet they still hang around him. 
I figure the water meter will be the next big hurdle.  Since it’s on his piece of land.  I did love my FIL telling him he could get his damn mail box of his land then.

Monday, July 30, 2012

House of horror: Signing nightmare

Really...?  Suppose to sign Friday.  We were 15mins away from the company when the bank called our dealer to tell him there was a flaw in our paper work and it would be 3 more days before we could sign.  She tried to say that it was because our percentage rate went down.  However that was incorrect.  After once again going up the ladder of bosses.  Found out the my loan officer dropped the ball.  She filed the wrong papers.  Then had us sign the wrong ones.  We had to resign discloser papers and there is a 3 day waiting period.  So now it’s been pushed off for Wednesday.  I did receive a 75 dollar gas card.  I was also told that no matter what it took we would sign Wednesday.  Meaning they would meet us in our town this time.  Instead of us traveling over a hour away.  They told the company to pay the notary what ever to get this done.  Want my opinion they should helicopter and deliver to my house as much problems I have had with Vanderbilt bank.  Never use them…EVER
On the lighter side of things our house is been manufactured and arrived on the lot while we were waiting to hear back from Vice president of bank.  So we got to tour the house.  Well pieces of it.  We were able to see our living room, one of the kids rooms, the guest bathroom, master bedroom, the kitchen and utility room.  The only thing we didn’t get to see was the master bath, kids closet and one other bedroom.   Here is a pic of the 1343405066763 wall and crown molding. 2012-07-27_11-19-53_743  color of the carpeting.
 2012-07-27_11-18-39_424  Color of the wood flooring. 

It did make us feel a little better that the house was in.  The sad part is it’s ready and the bank can’t get off their ass to get the papers sign.  It’s like telling a fat kid here’s some cupcakes but you can’t eat them…grrr
I swear if they mess up Wednesday someone might have to bail me out!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

I want one..

Okay I really should say my daughter wants one of these…
You place the shirt on this and grabbing certain sections will  help you fold your clothes correctly.

This was seen on Big Bang…the new addiction in our lives
sheldon shirt folder

Here it is in motion:

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shot of Reality

Dear Starbucks,
I want to thank you for not playing the music so loud to make my ears bleed, but for the love of Pete could you please turn down the AC.  My teeth are chattering so much I can barely hear the person across from me.
So cold I am tempted to get the blanket out of my car

Dear No Name,
Yea you know who you are.  You just get on my nerves.  Must be nice to have no job and lay around on your ass while your man does all the work.  I am so tired of the back stabbing and bitching.  Do you think it won’t get back to me?
Get a life and quit talking about everyone else's

Dear so called boss
I do love the changes in the ER but do you think maybe we could not change it weekly?  I have a hard enough time locating supplies already.  Pick a place and keep it there already.
I hate playing find the supplies it’s not Easter quit hiding stuff.  Thanks

Dear Charge Nurse,
Sometimes watching you read the news paper or looking at your car parts on the internet while at work makes me want to stab you with my pen.  Could you please do your job.  I hurt nearly everyday and still seem to get my job done.  It’s one thing to have an off day every once in awhile but  the rest of us are tired of picking up your slack everyday.  Just because there is no critical patient doesn’t mean you get to sit on your ass till there is one.
Can we trade you like they do in the major leagues?  Because a few of us have some relief charge nurses in mind.

Dear Bank Lady,
I truly hope you lost your job after I spoke with your boss.  I noticed I haven’t received any more email from you lately. 
So sad to see you go

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

House of Horror

images (1)
So I have yet to get my house.  If it’s not one road block it’s another.  After the company that makes the house finally got the blue prints done and approved by me the bank let the paper lapse.  Meaning I had to turn in more information since it expired on  July 5th.  You would think the stupid bank would have sent me a message so I could get these items yet again.  Nope and now they needed social security cards.  My husband has no idea where his is.  Wonderful right?  Meaning yet again we would be delayed.  The bank loan lady also mention that if we got delay to much more all the paper work and loan would have to be done again.  Including the appraisal.  Which already cost 400 dollars the first time around.  So I became highly enraged and called the bank and spoke to the boss.  I explained that she should have sent out a letter for me to get the expired papers when it expired 3 weeks ago.  Plus she should have mentioned months ago that we needed our social security cards.  I told him that the whole deal was getting ready to expire and there would be no way to get to closing on the weekend.  I told him he better figure something out before it expired.  Because if I had to do everything over it will be with a different bank.
So that evening he called back.  It was at the closer.   Next day it was at the last stage but got delayed because something needed to be approved by the court.  Good grief.  This wasn’t the banks fault the court waited forever to send the paper back.  So finally we having a closing date!  It will be Friday.  I will be going there first thing in the am when I get home from working nights.  But hell I can lose a little sleep just to complete this stupid pain in the ass deal. 
Next part….is the building, grading and moving of stuff…

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Unprotected Sex

No matter how protected you are some asshole seems to find away around your protection.  Apparently my computer has been using not strong enough protection.  My machine has gotten a virus off the net.  Wonderful right?  These dweebs that have nothing better to do that write programs to mess up people lives.  The working person, the blogger, the mother or just the average joe is the ones who get these diseases.  Why don’t they harass jackasses that really deserve it.  They could dish it out as punishment.  Hmm so you were visiting a porn site?  How to build a bomb site?  Bamm congratulations you have just received a nice internet disease.  Have fun surfing the net now.  Hmm wouldn’t that be even better for the stalkers out there?  The jack ass ex’s or hmm my boss.  Ok I know that’s wrong.  It’s just annoying to know that I had to have my computer completely redone.  Thank God I pay for the extra coverage.  So everything was covered.  Only problem is that I have to reload all my programs like, Msn messenger, itunes and many others.  Not to mention half the games I play.  Fun fun…At least my window’s live writer is up and running.  Not to mention Google chrome remembers all my bookmarks and websites that I have saved due to my Google plus account.  That was great since I have a lot of my favorite blogs I read on them.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Movie Critic time

  • Avengers:  Best movie this year so far.  I was impressed that most of the superheroes were from the original movies they played in.  Well except for the Hulk but they can’t seem to keep the same character anyway.  I would have loved to seen more battle scenes and less time recruiting them.  I still love Iron man!  I give it 4 skulls  022--shoegal_icons-4-1 022--shoegal_icons-4-1022--shoegal_icons-4-1022--shoegal_icons-4-1 and a half.
  • Dark Shadows:  I really think Johnny Depp has split personalities.  He can play some of the weirdest characters and such vast depth.  This however was not one of my favorite characters he portrays.  Even though I love vampires this was a cute movie.  Not scary and far from the best.  2  022--shoegal_icons-4-1022--shoegal_icons-4-1 and half.
  • Chronicle~ okay I could have sworn I seen this movie before seems very similar to the movie Covenant.  Except this movie doesn’t have anyone cute in it and made me a tad bit bored.  Skip this movie.  You will never get those hours back if you watch it.  Not even 1/2 a skull
  • Snow white and the huntsman:  this was a really good movie however I am not a fan of the chick from twilight.  There were a lot of facial expressions that reminded me of scenes from it.  I wasn’t really impress with her acting.  I did however like the plot and story line.  The witch/queen was fantastic in this movie.  I would have like to seen the queen do more magic and to have more battle scenes.   Still a great movie to watch.
  • This means war~ a cute movie that has Reece witherspoon who is being fought over by two CIA agents who like her.  She isn’t aware that they know each other.  My favorite part is when one of them shoots the other with a knock out dart to kept the him from scoring with her.
  • One for the money~  there really hasn’t been a movie I didn’t like Katherine Heigl until this one.  First off I think that is suppose to be a jersey accent…whatever it was it made it sound like fingers down a chalk board.  Here is an excerpt of the movie description from IMB>Unemployed and newly-divorced Stephanie Plum lands a job at her cousin's bail-bond business, where her first assignment puts her on the trail of a wanted local cop from her romantic past.  Unemployed and newly-divorced Stephanie Plum lands a job at her cousin's bail-bond business, where her first assignment puts her on the trail of a wanted local cop from her romantic past. 022--shoegal_icons-4-1 on skull for the fact I still like Katherine…lol

What I am looking forward too:  Spiderman, Brave and Prometheus.