Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Let the shit hit the fan


So as I was saying that buying this house has seriously been a nightmare.  But I really wasn’t expecting my neighbors (family member) to join in the fun of it.  Apparently we pissed said neighbor when the surveyor came and place our little stakes in the ground.  He was upset to find out that he didn’t own as far back as he thought.  Well after the nightmare that day that the bank did to us the dealer sent out the contractor to stop by.  That way he could see if there will be anything in the way of placing our home on our land.  For instance we have a building and a barn that they have to pull this monstrosety through.  We the contractor was measuring the driveway to see if there would be enough room.  The asshole   neighbor came flying out of his house along with his one-legged heifer wife.  They started yelling and saying that not one wheel of their truck will touch his land.  Blah blah blah and how he owns most of the driveway.  Which I believe he is full of shit.  So now we have to remove a tree so we can get our house to our land.  WTF.  He would rather kill a tree than harm his grass?  Grass not shrubs, flowers or anything that might get damage.  Grass and btw sand.  Where the drive washes out at the bottom of the hill.   He is such an a-hole aw hell he is the whole flipping ass.  So I thought that would be the end of it.
Nope my father in law went down to try to talk sense into his brother.  Boy that went over like a turd in a punch bowl.  His one-legged heifer  called the cops.  Cried and said that her husband was being beaten up.  Really?  You had to hide behind your woman’s skirt?  Awwww…are we a pussy?     sorry-feeling-such-pussy-get-well-ecard-someecards
Anyway my father in law pretty much told the officer of his harassment of the kids, the name calling and the flipping of the bird.   The cop tells him that he might be able to get along with his neighbors better if he stopped acting that way.
So what does he do?  After the cop leaves he takes tent stakes and stake off his land.   And places a tent stake in the drive way.   Now I don’t know about you but I don’t drive with a flipping magnify glass.  Who the hell is going to see that?  My tire which will probably receive a flat.  Hope he like’s purchasing new ones.  After all is said and done he wanted my father in law to shake his hand.  WTF?  Nothing was solved. 
As soon as I got home from the grocery store my father in law had to show me how I need to drive up the drive way from this day forward.  I told my father in law I would try that but in the freaking dark I will never see that stake.  I also told him I plan to sue when it damages my car.  He instructed that I needed to be nice so as I don’t upset him worse.  Who the effin cares.  I don’t.  In fact I am thinking about placing a nice compost pile at the borderline of our property.  Maybe placing a fan to wharf the smell directly to his screened in back porch.   Or hello the dog kennels so they can bark at him the entire time he is working in the garden.  UGH!  But I won’t I still have to live here.  Though I am tempted to call the law every time he drives since I know he is most likely intoxicated.  But if he keeps cat calling my kids while they wait for the bus I am calling the law….oh and the stake now has a bucket over it.  I guess my FIL told him about the lawsuit…it amazes me the comments I hear about this family member and how no likes him.  Yet they still hang around him. 
I figure the water meter will be the next big hurdle.  Since it’s on his piece of land.  I did love my FIL telling him he could get his damn mail box of his land then.


Martina said...

The man is childish. I wouldn't put the dog kennels there in fear he would do something to the dogs.
Why be nice if he can't ever be? If I were you I would film him doing the crap he does. Post it on YouTube.
FYI some family members only hang around him for the free alcohol and then complain about him behind his back. If he's too dumb to realize that, that's his own fault.

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

You should try and start videoing everything that that idiot does. Anytime anyone comes about the house, tape from beginning to end so the cops can see what he is up to. It could help a bit. Maybe ask how much it would cost to go to the surveyor and get copies of the property lines. If he keeps bitching about where his line is, the contractor may refuse to bring in the house until some proof shows up to shut that bastard up.

You will get your house. I know you will. They are just jealous as hell because you are better than them in every single solitary way and they know it.


Tonja Treece said...

Ugh, god, why do people have to be such asses? Did he not realize that someone would eventually buy the land next to him? Oh, and that properties have boundries and maybe he should have figured out where his were? Oh, and does his property have a legal easement for the water meter? If it does, he can't complain if you are on the easement to get to your stuff.

V said...

Legal easement for the water and for the drive way. After 10 years of use for a drive way some states will no longer recognize "property rights", because the owner has let the usage by others happen.Talk to a realtor, they know your states laws.

V said...

Some states no longer recognize or protect property rights if the owner has allowed someone else to use the property for 10 years. The drive way may be his property but he has to allow you to use it because he has in the past. Ask a realtor, they know your state laws.