Sunday, July 15, 2012

Unprotected Sex

No matter how protected you are some asshole seems to find away around your protection.  Apparently my computer has been using not strong enough protection.  My machine has gotten a virus off the net.  Wonderful right?  These dweebs that have nothing better to do that write programs to mess up people lives.  The working person, the blogger, the mother or just the average joe is the ones who get these diseases.  Why don’t they harass jackasses that really deserve it.  They could dish it out as punishment.  Hmm so you were visiting a porn site?  How to build a bomb site?  Bamm congratulations you have just received a nice internet disease.  Have fun surfing the net now.  Hmm wouldn’t that be even better for the stalkers out there?  The jack ass ex’s or hmm my boss.  Ok I know that’s wrong.  It’s just annoying to know that I had to have my computer completely redone.  Thank God I pay for the extra coverage.  So everything was covered.  Only problem is that I have to reload all my programs like, Msn messenger, itunes and many others.  Not to mention half the games I play.  Fun fun…At least my window’s live writer is up and running.  Not to mention Google chrome remembers all my bookmarks and websites that I have saved due to my Google plus account.  That was great since I have a lot of my favorite blogs I read on them.


Martina said...

Computer viruses suck.
Actually, porn sites are full of viruses. Dumbass had used my old one to look up some while I was gone and I had over 600 viruses on it. Probably the reason it finally died.
I would save stuff on a flash drive. That way you don't have to search for it all again.

Leeanna Henderson said...

Glad you had coverage on your computer. I need to get Big Hal,my main computer back up. I have been using Little Hal so long that I haven't turned the other one on at all since. So I know it's gonna be a bitch to get going with all the loading up on updates that I haven't done. Oh well.

NP Odyssey said...

Those stupid kid hackers and virus makers are annoying. When we were kids all we did was throw eggs at cars.

otin said...

People really suck is what it boils down to.