Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shot of Reality

Dear Starbucks,
I want to thank you for not playing the music so loud to make my ears bleed, but for the love of Pete could you please turn down the AC.  My teeth are chattering so much I can barely hear the person across from me.
So cold I am tempted to get the blanket out of my car

Dear No Name,
Yea you know who you are.  You just get on my nerves.  Must be nice to have no job and lay around on your ass while your man does all the work.  I am so tired of the back stabbing and bitching.  Do you think it won’t get back to me?
Get a life and quit talking about everyone else's

Dear so called boss
I do love the changes in the ER but do you think maybe we could not change it weekly?  I have a hard enough time locating supplies already.  Pick a place and keep it there already.
I hate playing find the supplies it’s not Easter quit hiding stuff.  Thanks

Dear Charge Nurse,
Sometimes watching you read the news paper or looking at your car parts on the internet while at work makes me want to stab you with my pen.  Could you please do your job.  I hurt nearly everyday and still seem to get my job done.  It’s one thing to have an off day every once in awhile but  the rest of us are tired of picking up your slack everyday.  Just because there is no critical patient doesn’t mean you get to sit on your ass till there is one.
Can we trade you like they do in the major leagues?  Because a few of us have some relief charge nurses in mind.

Dear Bank Lady,
I truly hope you lost your job after I spoke with your boss.  I noticed I haven’t received any more email from you lately. 
So sad to see you go


Leeanna Henderson said...

I think Starbucks has the AC cranked so they'll sell more coffee. Yeppers. It's probably a fact. You finish the coffee before you get out the door so you have to go back for more. By the time you leave the place you have frost bite and the massive shakes.

Martina said...

Maybe your boss just wants to keep everyone on their toes. Ok, maybe he's just an ass.
Awww, at least make up a name for No-name. That's the fun part. I'm no longer annoyed by my pain in the ass. She avoids me. I guess she didn't like me snotting at her on the 4th. Boo-friggity-hoo. Of course, she still talks about me, but I'm awesome, so I can't blame her for thinking about me all the time. Haha!

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Rock on letter-writer, you speak for me in a few of those too. Sometimes the "bank lady" can make me weep with frustration.