Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Weird facts about my dogs- 2009 edition

just some weird facts about my critters...feel free to add yours!
Riley- is my OCD dog he is obsessed with having something in his mouth ie a rubber ball...he will bring you everything out of his toy box just to get you to throw we have a toy box with a lid. Now he waits for smart dog (Phobe) to open the toy box when she gets her toys out
Jane- is my secret begger, she hides her whole body behind the recliner and all you can see is her nose poking around on the the arm of the chair
Ace- ie how he got his name. he sleeps in the summer on the AC vent and hogs all the cold air making the room hot
Daisy- hates the rain...i am not talking about hiding from going out...more like a 2 yr old having a tantrum..she rolls over with feet up in the air and you have to drag her out dead weight and all...or she will growl and grumble at you as you take her out.
Zander- growls at you while your eating..his way of threating you to give him food
Rosie will ease her way into your lap and then around your neck like a scarf...the sad part she's a boxer
Phobe- when my hubby calls for her to jump in his lap she jumps in mine...and one day he said Phobe go away and she jump into his lap
- is my yappy dog that barks at the the point that even when she is eatting she will bark...causing her to try to aspirate her food...hemlich or CPR tonite?