About Me

What's with the name? Working "nights" in the ER...but some days the ER can be my worst nightmare while other days I might be their worse nightmare. But most of all my name is dedicated to my favorite slasher movie, Nightmare on Elm Street.  Hence the name Nursenightmare on trauma drama street. Because no matter where you work there is always some type of drama and mine just happens to be where there is trauma.  

so a little about me I am an
 who is very fluent in Sarcasm
 Loves to watch true blood

 Love all that is horror.  Vampires first then Zombies!
Severely addicted to Starbucks...I swear I am broke because of them..

I am a tad OCD...yes this bothers me

I love to Read...especially horror

my favorite is the Sookie Stackhouse Series

I am tired of all the dumb people

Last I am...