Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New goals met

Sometimes when you make small goals it makes this weight loss journey bearable.  Today I met a few.  I hit 25,000 steps earning a new badge for fitbit.  With an end day of 26,200 steps (12.8 miles)
Next I was able to do 3 miles without stopping.  It took me 32 mins.  but I DID NOT STOP!  Which is a great accomplishment since I haven’t really ran since the army 15 years ago.  My lungs burned and by the time I was done I realized that my shoes need replacing.  But I DID NOT STOP…go me!
I also discovered and awesome app called Runkeeper.  Which tracks your running, hiking, walking, jogging or biking.  It’s a nice little app.  Tells you your route, distance, pace and calories burned.  You can still run the app and my couch 2 5k and my music at the same time.  Which is fabulous.  So I have added running/jogging to my exercise routine in the hopes to stay on target for my weight goal.  Here goes nothing.if-you1-e1325857215315 ( I was sweaty, wind blown hair and pretty much exhausted like this pic.  SCORE!)
My next goal?
Signing up for the Color me Rad 5k.  I am hoping to rope a few friends into it.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

No job

So living out in BFE sucks.  And getting the homeboy that I am married to motivated to move is like trying to push a freight train up hill by yourself.  So no job.  I applied for the mental health crisis work.  No go because I didn’t have 3 years of consecutive mental health experience.  Um come work in the ER for a few weeks.  Not to mention the 3 years I worked in a nursing home.  But anyway I got over it.  I put all my faith in the prison nurse job and BAM…another no go.  So people keep saying just keep putting in applications.  Great idea right?  Well not when there are no jobs in the area.  Except for the place I currently work at.  Which most of us are trying to leave from.  I have put my application in for dialysis nurse but still haven’t heard anything.  Is it too much to ask for a little bit more money and better hours?  I mean I find it really sad that a PEPSI worker makes just about the same amount of money as an RN.  Yes manual labor is hard and they deserve their money but hello I could help save people and try not to kill no one.  That should count for something.  But of course it doesn’t.  Not anymore.  Todays day in age the health care facilities are all about the all mighty buck.  I just want to work for a place I am proud to work at.  One that respects it’s employees. So keeping my fingers cross that I find this place.  Which I am beginning to think is imaginary…or a figment of my mind.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New goals met

Sometimes when you make small goals it makes this weight loss journey bearable.  Today I met a few.  I hit 25,000 steps earning a new badge for fitbit.  With an end day of 26,200 steps (12.8 miles)

Next I was able to do 3 miles without stopping.  It took me 32 mins.  but I DID NOT STOP!  Which is a great accomplishment since I haven’t really ran since the army 15 years ago.  My lungs burned and by the time I was done I realized that my shoes need replacing.  But I DID NOT STOP…go me!

I also discovered and awesome app called Runkeeper.  Which tracks your running, hiking, walking, jogging or biking.  It’s a nice little app.  Tells you your route, distance, pace and calories burned.  You can still run the app and my couch 2 5k and my music at the same time.  Which is fabulous.  So I have added running/jogging to my exercise routine in the hopes to stay on target for my weight goal.  Here goes nothing.

My next goal?

Signing up for the Color me Rad 5k.  I am hoping to rope a few friends into it.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Interviewing: time for a change

I really thought I would be an ER nurse for a long time.  It's what I love.  Not to mention I love my crew. Even though one has left us and a new dumbass is about to join us. But unfortunately the place I work for keeps cutting time, the budget and giving 5 cent raises. And this year possibly no raises. Which makes it hard when you just bought a new home.  As money gets tighter you get cornered into thinking of a new job.  One that pays more.  Because no matter how much we cut back at home it sucks.  What kind of life is it if you are stuck home, eating bargain food and never getting to buy a new book.  I mean come on I have a college education.  I am not asking to be rich.  I know I have a roof over my head but if there is no breathing room for car break downs or other emergencies. So I have put in for a couple of new jobs.  A prison nurse, dialysis nurse and a Emergency Crisis worker.  I got the interview for the Crisis worker.  I am telling you the wait is killing me.  I thought it went well.  But I have no idea.  I am trying to send off my thank you letter.  Unfortunately the printer I have died.  Thank God my sister in laws still works. So I am sending my thank you letter in the mail in the morning.  This job has weird hours.  But it's only 3 days a week and I get put on call most of the time.  Meaning there will be long nights and no nights at all and I will still get paid.  Which also means on my other days I can work PRN at my current ER job making 30 dollars and hour.  Which would really help us financially.  I only have a range of what this job may pay which could potentiality be more.  So well wishes or prayers are really needed.  I am really excited yet scared all rolled into one.  Not to mention impatient.  I think my iPhone is really attached to my hip now.  I keep checking make sure it still works.  Obsessive?  Yes.  I am so nervous that I won't get this job or any of the jobs.  The other 2 haven't even called for an interview.  Which is really disappointing.  So I have spent a lot of time at the gym burning calories and using that pent up anxiousness for something positive.  Even though it's a little depressing when I check my phone for the millionth time.  UGH.  PLEASE PLEASE let me know something soon.  It's killing me.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Here Piggy Piggy: A new number

So I have learned on this weight loss journey that you have to have patience.  There seems to be more plateaus than losses closer to the end. But it’s the perseverance that pays off.   I listen to a lot of people who are on this same journey that just give up.  Saying what’s the point I just can’t lose.  Stop listening to those people.  Don’t let their negativity keep you from your dream.  Do your best to encourage them to continue but don’t let them convince you to give up too.   So after yo-yoing back and forth between 5 lbs. for the last 2 months.  I finally lost a pound and saw a new number.  I worked hard to see that new number.  So for all of those people in my life who told me to give up.  POOP on you. 
tumblr_mc3k979Rlr1rpaxido1_400 EXACTLY
For my friends who gave up already and refuse to get back on track…
For those I know who keep doing these crash diets and workouts.  Until you realize this you will never succeed…1-will-not-happen-overnight1004098_593933733961899_1549792730_n
For those that are battling their weight on a daily basis.  Keep up the hard work. 
And for my friends who fall off the wagon.  It happens.  Don’t beat yourself up.  It’s never over.  Just get back up and try harder.  Never be a quitter!  This is hard.  If it was easy people wouldn’t give up so easily.  You fall off one day…get back up and work out the next.  When you look back 2 years later you are going to be so proud of yourself.  I know I am.  I don’t want to go back to that me.  I feel better.  I have more energy and even a new wardrobe.
1 pound loss!  I am still in the right direction!  It’s taking me a lot of time.  Took me almost 2 years to lost 35lb but I did it.  I fell down a lot but got right back up.  So never forget that.  Determination pays off…how bad do you want it?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Apps I love

So on this journey of losing weight I have discovered some great apps to help keep me on the right path.  My favorite of course is myfitnesspal and my fitbit flex app. 


But the couch to 5k is great too.  If you want to be able to run a 5k but you are a couch potato then this is the app for you.  It starts you off slow.


You walked for 5 mins.  Run 30 sec, walk 2 mins.  Etc.  As each week goes by the running gets longer and there is less walking.  Until at the end you are ready to run a 5k.  I am on week 4 day 3 so far I am doing well.  Its week six that I truly dread.  But I want to run at least one 5k in my lifetime.  You can play your music while the app runs also.  It will talk over the music when it’s time.

The next on I like is this new one my fitness coach suggested.  Another freebie.  It’s called gym boss.  You can set up your intervals anyway you want.  I do 23 sets (15mins)  My exercise is 25sec then rest 12 sec.  I do my circuit exercise (crutches, mountain climbers, planks etc.)  Until it beeps.  Then you rest till it beep then start your next exercise.  The best part is you can still listen to your music.  It beeps over the music.

8a4c997085612fe8a75922db92ceca7c  You can also use it for running but I like the couch to 5k better.


Another one…not a big favorite but interesting is HealthCalc.  It will calculate many different activities calories for you.  Also calculates ideal weight, body mass and body fat.  Even has a blood alcohol estimator.    So tell me what is your favorite apps for fitness?  I can always use new ones.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Here Piggy Piggy: Yo-yo

smiling-pig-clipartYup I am starting to feel like a yo-yo.  5 lbs lost….5 lbs gained.  Back and forth I go.  Which is really annoying since when those five are lost I am only 4 pounds away from my goal.  It’s extremely annoying that I can’t see 124 lbs.  I am not asking for under 120.  I would like to at least STAY under 130.  Which is where my 5 pound fluctuation is.  Yea I know it’s probably water weight.  I know to stay away from the process food but unless the fresh stuff becomes more affordable it’s not going to happen.  I probably have increased my grocery bill a good 100 dollars or more.  Which really sucks.   They should have a tax break on the healthy stuff.  Maybe more people would eat healthier.  It’s just aggravating.  I am eating healthier than I ever have.  I eat in moderation.  I haven’t had McDonald's in forever.  Haven’t had a real soda since last Halloween.  So is it too much to ask to get to my darn goal weight??!!!

So I have been trying to do 30 day shred.  Got all the way to 14 or 15 days and boom…a week goes by.  Also been doing couch to 5 k.  It would be nice to actually complete one of these.  Working nights is havoc on keeping any type of workout schedule.  Especially when there is a bad night in the ER and you can barely stay awake on the drive home. 

Yea I know I am whining.  Just get up and do it right?  Well today my get up left.  I will be better tomorrow…lol

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So you had a bad day at work.


So you got in trouble with your boss.  You pissed off a customer? You showed up late to work.  Maybe you even lost a really big client.  But when a nurse has a really bad day it’s most likely because their patient died.  It’s may sound callous but when a code comes in it’s a little easier to distance yourself from the patient.  You didn’t hold their hand or comfort them in their last moments like I did in long term care.  Though a child code will always take your breath away.  Which brings me to my bad day.  I had a female early 70’s come in due to a fall at her home.  She had a laceration to her head.  But was mainly complaining of her hip hurting.  She told me of her stories of being a nurse.  The things that she loved and the ones that she hated.  Being an ER nurse you are rushed so I really didn’t have a lot of time to really listen to her stories long.  In between vital checks, pain medication administration and positioning.  I helped clean up her laceration and all her dried blood.  We chit chatted some more.  She went to CT.  When she came back the CT tech states she was complaining of head pain.  So I went to check her pain level.  Upon arriving to the room.  She was no longer her chipper self.  She was only moaning.  I called the dr. ASAP.  Called for some back up help to my room.  She went from talking  to unresponsive.  She was tubed and moved to the trauma room.  She had a major bleed in the brain.  Nothing we could have done they say.  She won’t live they say.  That doesn’t make it all better.  You still look back and reevaluate did I spend enough time in that room?  Vitals were fine.  Did I miss something?  So the next time when you hear a nurse say they had a bad day at work.  Don’t always dismiss it as just something trivial.   When a nurse has a truly bad day it’s not always caused by some drunk running down the hall naked.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

To flex or not to flex? Getting a fitbit


So I purchased one.  I wanted to wait for a week before I gave my 2 cents.  I will give update reviews as I use it.  Let me first tell you the only thing I have ever used is a pedometer.  So I talked with other friends that have the jawbone, one and fitbit.  So let’s make this as painless as possible.

First what is the flex?

Quote from the web site: Flex website click here

Make fitness a lifestyle with Flex™.


This slim, stylish device is with you all the time. During the day, it tracks steps, distance, and calories burned. At night, it tracks your sleep cycle and wakes you silently in the morning. Just check out the lights to see how you stack up against your personal goal. It’s the motivation you need to get out and be more active.

Does it do that?  Heck yes.  Especially when you are so close to hitting your daily 10,000 steps.  I have took the dog for a walk just so I could get those extra steps.  You can also customize those goals.


  • Light weight, rubberized, flexible band.
  • Comes in 4 colors. Slate or Black are the only ones with the device. The other 2 you buy separately.
  • Included in box are both small and large bands.  Which you can use to trade for different color from friends with the opposite size
  • The clasp is metal and you have to push down hard to get it to latch, which is a draw back.  However on a positive note if it’s hard to clasp hopefully it will be hard to pop loose.
  • Design to be worn on either arm, it works best on Non-dominant arm.   I don’t know about you but most people wear their watch on that arm
  • Doesn’t not have a clock.  Which means your watch will need to switch arms.  Not a deal breaker for me since my watch is already on that arm.
  • Waterproof up to 10 feet.  Wear it swimming, showering, or washing those dreaded dishes. Meaning…it’s safe for this nurse’s flex to get wet every 1000 times I wash my hands.  Con:  Will not track swimming, let me rephrase that; no written evidence that it does. (not a big deal I plug it in on myfitnesspal as back up)

Pro: Light weight, flexible and I don’t notice that I even have it on. 

Cons:  having to wear it on the non-dominant arm  (no gripes here for me)


  • Pill like device that slides into the back of the bracelet.  FYI must be put in correctly or it won’t work as well.
  • While out it can be place in USB charge cord that hooks into computer.  Which leads me to the battery life 5-7 days.  I lasted 6 days with constant use.  Takes around less than an hour to charge.
  • How accurate is it?  It has been pretty dead on for me.  I did notice that I didn’t burn as much calories as I thought during a circuit workout.  But I stepped it up a notch and did much better.  You can calculate your stride to help make it more accurate or leave it on default.  Default is done by age, sex, height and weight. 

Sync ability

  • Works best with iOS (apple products)  But will work with android.  I have noticed some “hiccups” with sync on my droid razr.  It seems to take longer to sync.  I prefer my iPod to sync with.  It will also sync with your computer by putting the “dongle” in one of the computer’s usb ports.  (this comes with the product)
  • Sync is done by Bluetooth 4.0 (older phone may not have this) unlike Jawbone (another similar device) where you have to hook it into phone.

Alarm/Sleep Tracking

  • You can set up multiple alarms.  Bracelet will vibrate.  Great if you don’t want to wake up your partner.
  • Rapidly tapping on the Fitbit Flex for a few seconds launches sleep mode; under this setting, the device will track your sleep patterns throughout the night.  Then you can check the progress on you app.  It will tell you how long you slept, how many time you woke up and your % on quality of sleep.  ( I woke up 23 times yesterday, good grief)

What does it do?

Is it a fancy pedometer?  I think not.

  • Tracks your steps just like a pedometer
  • Tracks the calories burned
  • Tracks your distance
  • Record your Food, Water, Weight. 
  • Calculates how many calories you can eat that day
  • Links up with a few other fitness apps.  My favorite being Myfitnesspal
  • Motivates you by awarding badges for completing certain levels

Rumors- this section is dedicated to negative comments I have heard

  • It doesn’t have a display like the One (older fitbit model) has.  Yes the one shows the steps, distance, stairs and even a little flower that grows when you do fabulous.  Even has a clock.  Downfall?

    simple.b-dis-png.he4b66b8cef0d8ceaaa34ad6fcc0eecf3(pictured the One)

Not really.  I like the simplicity of my flex.  When you double tap on the flex  5 lights will light up.  Each light represents 20% complete.  When completed the bracelet vibrates.  (about scared the pee out of me)  Plus since it sync so easily I can always see a detailed update on my iPod.  I always have my phone with me or my iPod when I am exercising.  So that’s not a draw back for me.  I think too much info is just as bad as weighing ever day.

  • It’s on my wrist and I wear other jewelry/watch.  I like the fit one because I can clip it anywhere. 

Okay I can some what understand this.  However I wear my watch on my dominant hand not really a big deal.  Plus I know I have already washed one $9 pedometer I really don’t want to wash a $99 one that isn’t water proof.  I know  I leave my Badge clip for work clipped to my uniform all the time. So a One was not for me.  Plus how annoying would that be to forget to put you One on when getting dressed for work/workout.  The Flex is always on.

  • It counts steps while you sleep and gives me calories burned

Okay did you make a trip to the kitchen/bathroom?  You still move in sleep and you still burn calories while sleeping.  On average you can burn 400-500 calories sleeping.  Mine has been correct on the calorie count.  But remember you burn calories doing everything.  You just have to get your 10,000 steps to be an average healthy active person.

  • It doesn’t catch every exercise.  This is correct.  It won’t do swimming, biking, and some say elliptical.  I use my myfitnesspal account and manually put them in anyway. 

FYI-While using myfitnesspal exercise log it estimates you calories burned.  You can set up the account to minus what you actually burned.  For example dancing 30 mins for myfitnesspal may say I burned 175 calories but the Flex only calculated 110 it will deduct that from you calories burned bank.  You can turn this feature off. 

  • When putting foods in FITBIT flex the directory doesn’t have a lot of choices.  Once again this is where I use Myfitnesspal.  I record all my foods, water, exercise in myfitnesspal and it crosses over to fitbit account.  Great feature.

Okay so that about sums up my knowledge of the flex.  If you are still unsure.  Find out how long of a return policy there is and try it out yourself.  The flex isn’t for everyone.  We can’t all be a like. 

So bottom line.  I will be keeping my flex.  I like the look and feel,  less likely hood that I will lose it and it motivates me to work harder towards my goal of losing weight.  What works for you to help achieve your goals is all that matters in the long run.  If you have any questions feel free to message me.  Or check out my fitness page on Facebook. nursewiththedragontattooFacebook

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Put the gun down.

So there are some really cool things you get to see when you are a nurse.  Okay let me rephrase that when you are a nurse you think you see cool things.  This is one of those things.  So we get a shotgun wound patient.  Sound exciting?  Well it would be in our rural area since that doesn’t happen often.  The city I am sure its and every night episode.  How ever not only is this a 12 gauge shot gun there is not “real bullets”  just bean bags.  Apparently a suspect was holding a gun.  Got two warning shots with a 12 gauge shot gun.  Patient comes in with it still embedded in his leg.  The cool part was he was wearing sweat pants and the sweat pants when inside his leg.  The pants acted like a catcher mitt and kept the bean bag from exploding in his leg.  Freaking cool.  Not for him but to watch it being removed.  Yea I know I am sick.  But hey when the cops say put the weapon down, they mean business.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The pain never goes away


Dealing with chronic pain sucks.  What’s really annoying is dealing with the pain and still working.  Seeing others come in all strung out on pain medications.  I don’t want to be that person.  I have people saying go on disability.  Who wants to live on 600 dollars a month?  That wouldn’t even cover my house payment.  I missed work yesterday.  Had to have 5 injections into my shoulder muscle in hopes that the Lidocaine would help numb the pain.  Any idea just how bad that shit stings??? But hey I am still not on narcotics.  I refused to go that route.  Motrin, muscle relaxers and many different vitamins.  Along with my TENS unit and Cryoderm cream.  The muscle relaxers makes me so drowsy that usually I don’t take it unless I am going to bed.  There was no way around it yesterday.  I had to miss so I could take my meds.  It really depresses me that I disappointed my crew.  I never like missing. I truly hate when people call in because working nights no one covers for you.  The other nurses have to pick up your slack.    I do everything that the doctor instructed.  I still trying to exercise, lift weights and lose the pounds.  All the while trying to balance out what is too much or not enough.  I have my hours cut back to 40 hours a week to avoid over working my shoulder.  Only to have people “jealous” that I have to cut my hours back.    Sometimes it would be nice to have normal aches and pains.  Instead of pain that causes life to stop.  So I didn’t get to do my work out.  Because once again I had to “baby” my stupid shoulder pain.  So once again I have to start from scratch.  Every time I move up the levels on my workout sickness or injury makes me start all over again at level one.  UGH THIS SUCKS!  Okay yea I know whininess.  I shall suck it up and move on.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Jillian Michaels drill sergeant or the devil?


So besides using the gym, I have used Jillian’s DVD work outs.  Can you say shut the hell up!  Yea she pushes you and you will find yourself talking and swearing at the television.  But I can see some difference.  I first started out with her killer abs.  I would love to have killer abs.  However at this point I just have abs that are killing me.  As soon as I do great and move up to level 2 I slack off a few days and have to start all over again.  The Jillian Yoga will make you hurt and bend in place you never would imagine doing.  I don’t burn as much with that video.  However…if you want to truly burn check out 30 day shred.  That will make you burn.  In you quads, hamstrings and calves.  I swear if I hear her say Hammie one more time I might choke her.  The first was bad but waking up the next day was torture.  I pushed through it and did day 2.  On the morning of day 3 I texted my hubby from the bed to have him help me out of the bed.

However…I can see my abs..a little hiding under a layer of pudge.  I am hoping by day 30 I see them completely.  I am on day 7 of 30 day shred.

the only thing bad after doing these videos…the repetition of her quotes on the video…


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mandatory overtime

So tell me do you think that hospitals should be able to make nurses do mandatory overtime all the time?
I mean I could understand occasionally.   You know to cover vacations or sickness.  I don’t think any employer should have the rights to make anyone work overtime.  It cuts into my time with my family so I don’t sign up for extra shifts.  Not everyone is for the almighty buck.  Some of us realize that family is top priority.  It’s cheaper to pay a PRN nurse than to make us work overtime at time and half.  But they don’t want all the nurses going PRN so they limit how many hours a week that they can work.  20 hours.  Which means they have no flexibility to work if you need them in a pinch.
Here is my problem.  I cut my time back in order to keep my shoulder and neck not to act up.  I was out for almost 2 months the last time it flared up.  So the neurologist told me to stop working overtime and just work 40 hours.  Less stress on my injury.  I will be suffering with this for the rest of my life.  If I don’t take of it now I will cause further damage.  So my manager agreed.  A year goes by and now she wants me re-evaluated.  Even though in the beginning she knew this would be life long.  However someone on days shift is bitching that it’s not fair that my hours are shorter.  Hello…I would love the extra money.  My check is about 150 dollars less….but despite that I don’t want to damage my shoulder any further.  I really would like to choke the bitch on dayshift.  She has no idea the pain I can get in. No idea.  She sounds like a petty grade schooler.  She doesn’t realize that I have to have 5-6 injections in my shoulder to “calm” the muscle down just so I can “deal” with the pain.  So I have to go to my neurologist to get this note to allow me to keep my short week (40hours).  It’s not like I am asking to work less than full time.  So what’s the big deal?  I am pissed enough that I might just post my note on the outside of my locker.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Here piggy piggy.


So I have lost a total of 30 pounds.  Literally worked my ass off.  Or so the man keeps complaining that there is less ass behind me.  It’s definitely not been easy.  In fact I was truly bad today.  I know it’s ok to splurge sometimes.  I went to olive garden and dunkin donuts all in one day.  Of course I did burn 500 calories or so.  It sucks that I will always have to watch what I eat.  In order for me to stay healthy.  I will never get to be one of those skinny people who “forget to eat”.  How the heck can one forget to eat?  It would be like forgetting to breathe.  I would love to stop losing my ass and lose this stupid pooch of a stomach.  UGH  all the workouts are not making it dwindle down.  But hey the boobs are smaller.  I am beginning to think it’s a cruel joke.  No ass and no boobs…yea me!  But hey I have some killer legs….until old age set in and being a nurse for too long.  I just love that I developed my first varicose vein.  Yea me again.  Sucks.  But anyway enough whininess.   I am very happy with my weight loss results.  Only 5 more pounds to go!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Never say never…

You would think I would know better since Nurses can be so superstitious.  You never say the Q word…quiet..or slow or many other things.  I know a nurse that had a really bad day when they brought a new pair a scissors and swear when she brings them she always has a rough day.  Other swear if they bring certain things to eat that require more time to eat it they won’t get a lunch.  Mine will be I have never had to ride in the back of an ambulance.  With in one week I had two rides…

Took my first patient with a brain bleed to the next biggest hospital because there was not another EMS to go with them.  They were afraid the patient would crash before they got to the hospital about an hour away.  Another few days later I went again with a patient that had a STEMI (heart attack)  that was intubated and not doing well.  Had to bag the patient all the way to the next hospital.   So in learning that lesson I shall try to never say never…

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How bad do you need that cigarette?

I use to smoke and I quit.   Was it easy?  NO.  Do I still crave a cigarette?  Most days.  But because I am a nurse I see the effects of smoking long term.  I have many young people come in thinking I have plenty of time to quit.  I also have many patients that will never quit.  To me if I had a choice of breathing or cigarette…ummm breathing would always win.  How ever there are many COPD patients that will smoke and then put their oxygen back in their nose.  Most understand that they can’t smoke with their o2 in their nose.  So what did my patient do?  She put her o2 in her right hand and her cigarette in the left hand.  Take a drag of cigarette and then a drag of pure O2.  What’s the problem…she went up in flames.  Luckily someone was there to put her out.  2nd degree burns to the lips, hands and chest.  3rd degree burns to her breast and finger tips.  Singed her hair close to the scalp.  We ended up flying her to a burn center.  I am sorry but I don’t need to smoke that bad.  I would hope that would be a wake up call to QUIT SMOKING DUMBASS.  She was a sweet as could be but I really want to say…here’s your sign.


Monday, March 18, 2013

Your chief complaint is WHAT?

So I have had some weird crap that comes into the ER but this lady takes the cake and on top of it has just as crazy outcome. 

  When a patient signs in out front we can see the chief complaint that clerk puts in the computer.  Mom and son check in with abdominal pain.  Seems pretty legit.  Probably both have the stomach flu right?  Well the next step is to go into the triage area where the triage nurse gets history, vital signs and a little more story behind the chief complaint.  Here is what the complaint was.  Having abdominal pain and difficulty having a bowel movement…..then the bottom falls out of the note…sister in law is evil and putting a curse on her and thinks that the devil has caused this because of her sister in law’s curse. Next triage… the boy.  A 6 year old, who has kicked the nursing student that is following the triage nurse all because he didn’t want the pulse ox on his finger.  He is now screaming and carrying on so bad we can hear him on the other side of the ER.  So at this point we all have look at the triage note to see Mom stating that the child is “possessed by the devil due to a curse put on her and her son by her sister in law”.


Come on you know at this point we are all snickering.  The doctor who has now checked the computer to see what comes over and sprinkles bottle water on us “the power of Christ Compels you…bahahaha.  Which then lead all the nurse to poke fun.  Oh yea well …(NurseNightmare) has her rosary necklace on let’s send her in there to do an exorcism.  Yea I know we are some sick nurses but it keeps us sane.  Especially when the fun ends and life sneaks back in…what does comments like that mean?  Mental health call and removal of the kid by DSS.  Which sucks.   Upon talking to my patient she truly believes they were cursed and that her kid is possessed. To me that kid needs his butt spanked.  Holy Terror of hell…yea.  I think we all were waiting for his head to turn around. Anyway after all that was said and done because she wasn’t going to harm herself or anyone else she was RELEASED.  What the fuck?  What if tomorrow she decided that the only way to release the devil is drown him or she stabs him?  I am sorry I still think that she needed to be committed and for the Dad or Grandparent come get the kid.  What do you think?

Monday, February 25, 2013

You might be a nurse: Gross what is growing on you

Yea I have decided that you are a nurse when the weird and strange doesn’t gross you out.  I had this patient that came in with a subcutaneous horn growth on his arm.  He had it there since he was 9.  Looked like a shriveled yellowish gray penis.  Yea I know sick. Here is a pic on a lady’s head.



Friday, February 22, 2013

My life flashed before my eyes…spewing prayers and profanity.



(picture brought to you by the Happy Hospitalist, check out his site)

So in our area the weather has been awful.  Very crazy.  In one week we had 70 degree weather, torrential rains, tornadoes, sleet, ice and blizzards.  Fabulous right?  Well the job instructed us that we were to be at work no matter the weather.  I mean it’s not like they will pay to get my car out of the ditch.  Anyway took me twice as long to get to work because of the snow.  It was so bad I never got over 40 miles and hour on the interstate.  In fact at some points I had no idea what lane I was in.  I just love truck drivers that must have 9 lives or are immortal because they are still zooming by me at 70 miles and hour.  Which cause the snow, slush and ice to cover my car.  Causing me to be blinded, skidding and sliding and praying out loud.  I then, after getting control of the car, cuss at the SOB.  I came into work shaking like a leave.  More than normal cause usually I am high on caffeine.  Left the next morning only to get in a ditch at the house.  The one stupid day I forgot to wear my winter boots instead of my work shoes.  18 inches of snow and paper thin scrubs are not fun to trek in at all.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Would you like a menu?

There are a few ER doctors I swear will give out narcotics like candy.  Hmmm maybe we need a Ativan salt lick and a dilaudid bubble gum dispenser in the waiting room.  I mean I actually heard one say to her patient.  We have lortab, percocet or we can start and IV and give you some dilaudid.  What would you like us to do?  WTH .  They wonder why the world has drug addicts.  The stupid ER doctors are giving them their start.  I know one patient that was on klonopin, percocet, morphine, xanax for all her medical chronic pain issue.  If I took that I would be dead or intubated. 
I was really impressed with my neurologist.  If he puts you on a narcotic you are drug tested twice a year and they count your meds.  If you don’t have it in your system he takes you off of it and if you pills are short because you are abusing them he takes you off of it.  I think all doctors need to do this.  I am so tired of patients arrive to the Er for a medicine refill because they took their meds incorrectly and have run out.  Take it as prescribed.  Yea I know I am a bitch and uncaring person.  But hell I have chronic pain,it sucks. Do people understand?  Hell no.  Do I take my meds like I am suppose to?  Yes.  I also do this without the use of narcotics.  I still work full time.  I still had back surgery.  I still have stupid patients who pretend they can’t transfer from the chair to the bed, but will walk out on their own when they are discharged.  They don’t care the nurse is straining their back to help them.  I will still give you your pain meds but at least have the courtesy not to injure your nurse.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Zombies, Zombies and More Zombies



I have been busy reading.  What have I been reading?  Zombies of course.  Well that and some mixed with other supernaturals. 

Let’s start with warm bodies.  I really wanted to read the book before I go and watch the movie.  I was afraid the director would destroy the story line which happens often.  I haven’t completed the book yet.  It’s a different take on the whole end of the world the zombies are here.  You start out in the mind of a zombie and how they spend their day.  There is some mild humor.  Not as funny as zombie land but having this sick sense of humor I can see some mild humor.  Pretty much the main character get’s a crush on a human.  Who begins teaching him to be human again.  Not a bad concept but a little slow moving.  Its not one of those books that can put down.  More like a nice book that you put down and are happy to pick up again.  I will let you know how I rate it when I am finish.

The next book Flesh and Bone is my all time favorite Zombie series a definite must read.  In fact I read it a while back and impatiently waiting for the 4th book to come out Fire and Ash.  Which won’t be until Sept 2013.  Meaning I need to find other zombie books to bid my time. Here is some info on it brought to you from goodreads…another great book app. 

“But the Ruin is far more dangerous than any of them can imagine. They are hunted by fierce animals escaped from zoos and circuses. They must raid zombie-infested towns for food and medical supplies. They discover the very real truth in the old saying: In the Rot & Ruin…everything wants to kill you.”

My new favorite Zombie series is first days.  It’s nice to have some decent female leads.  One’s that are whiny. Now this series is the type that you can’t wait to read the next book.  I am actually waiting to read book 3 and biding my time with warm bodies to help savor the series a little more.  Here is some info on the book via goodreads

“Katie is driving to work one beautiful day when a dead man jumps into her car and tries to eat her.  That same morning, Jenni opens a bedroom door to find her husband devouring their toddler son.
Fate puts Jenni and Katie—total strangers—together in a pickup, fleeing the suddenly zombie-filled streets of the Texas city in which they live. Before the sun has set, they have become more than just friends and allies—they are bonded as tightly as any two people who have been to war together.
During their cross-Texas odyssey to find and rescue Jenni’s oldest son, Jenni discovers the joy of watching a zombie’s head explode when she shoots its brains out. Katie learns that she’s a terrific tactician—and a pretty good shot.
A chance encounter puts them on the road to an isolated, fortified town, besieged by zombies, where fewer than one hundred people cling to the shreds of civilization.
It looks like the end of the world. But Katie and Jenni and many others will do whatever they have to to stay alive. Run, fight, pick each other up when they stumble, fall in love…anything is possible at the end of the world”


Last is a nurse book with a supernatural twist.  It’s about this nurse who works on Y7 a ward that real world doesn’t know about.  It’s where sups like werewolves, vampires, shift changes and even zombies go when they get sick or injured.  I love the part where she is all dressed up in her sterile garb holding a tranq gun just in case the werewolves sedative wears off while changing his dressings.  I love the nursing aspect and the supernaturals in the story.  I would love to work there…lol

So there are my stories…please if you have any great ones to read leave me a comment. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Romance is dead

images (1)
I have come to the conclusion that the romance in my life is dead.  I really wish it was as easy as using jumper cables or cardioverting it back into life.  But I fear it’s gone and there is no hope for it’s return.  I am not one of those mushy type of people but it  would be nice if my man would go out of his way every once in awhile.  How about a complement even if you have to lie.  Ugh.  I don’t want flowers or candy.  I just want courtesy, less cussing and maybe being more important than your beer.  Is that asking too much?  Some days I feel like I a roommate with conjugal visits.   Even those are getting fewer and fewer.  Because dear if you didn’t go to bed at 8pm before the kids you might get some more often.  I am so tired of you bitching about getting none yet I can remember the last time you really said anything nice.  You know a complement can go a long way.  I know you can do it you work in retail and know how to give nice customer service.  Just use that same sweet polite voice for you wife every now and then.  What’s even sadder I have no idea when our last date night was.  So people how the hell do you jump start your marriage?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Grinds my gears: Dr Dumbass

gears2So I get along with all my ER doctors, which is over 10 of them.  All but one…Dr Dumbass is her name.  I have no idea where the hell she got her degree but I guess someone has to be the bottom of the class percentile.   Let me show you a glimpse of her dumbassedness (made up word I know).  We use to carry around IV trays.  It had the needles, start kits and tubes and whatever else we needed to start an IV.  She actually wanted us to store ice on it so we would be prepared to grab a lactic acid (blood draw that needs to be put on ice asap).  We all looked at her in the meeting like um…wth.  Does she not realize the ice will melt and be water?  See what I am dealing with.
Well this past weekend she actually pissed of the whole crew.  That is pretty amazing.  First she pissed of a nurse that is never angry.  She was upset that the patient wasn’t placed into a gown.  This is why the nurse did not.  The patient was in a gown…however the pants, shoes and socks were still on.  The patient had obviously broken his ankle.  The nurse knew the doctor was bad for signing up for a patient and not seeing them forever.  The high top shoe was helping hold it in the correct position and he knew as soon as the shoe came off the swelling would be bad and wanted the doctor to remove the shoe.  He was trying to avoid more damage.  “For a broken ankle/foot, use a soft splint (a pillow or a heavy towel) to immobilize the area. The person's shoe should not be removed.” college of emergency medicine excerpt.  She bad mouthed him in front of the patient with another nurse.  Which was inappropriate. 
Next she highly pissed me off.   I was triage nurse and had a shortness of breath infant.  Mind you we get a lot of shortness of breath only to find out it’s just congestion.  However when mom uncovered infant from car seat I could tell he was having difficulty.  I scooped him up, weighed him quickly and headed to an open room.  Called the doctor over our volcera and another nurse to assist.   The only thing I had in the computer was Shortness of breath x1 day congestion x 2 with fever per mom.  When the doctor arrived I was placing the infant on the monitor and the other nurse was getting the IV stuff ready.  She barked orders to get a line and o2.  I was already in the process of getting o2 on.  He was 89% on room air and using all of his little muscles to breathe. I explained to the doctor that I had a weight and vitals except temp.  I would get it after the line was completed. We both attempted with no luck.  He was very dehydrated.  Respiratory arrived and I let them do a treatment first and explained to the doctor I had not forgotten the temp.  She said that is fine.  After the treatment and IV access I obtained a temp.  This is all within 10 mins of the infant arriving.  The nurse that was helping me over heard her bad mouthing me to the other doctors about incomplete vital signs.  I was pissed.  I had to avoid her the rest of the night because of I was afraid I would go off on her.
Next she was the one that was pushing for the undress for success.  She doesn’t care why you are here you will be completely naked and place in a gown.  Every time I was assessing my patient she would rush in.  I made it a point to say I sorry you didn’t give me enough time to get them in the gown and get your urine for you yet.  She was too stupid to understand I was being sarcastic.   I really hate this lady.  I really don’t think she understands.  She can power trip us all she wants, Bad mouth me in front of my patients, and be a know it all she wants but I will never be extra helpful like I am to the other doctors.  I will never automatically get a urine or blood without her orders in the system.  The other doctors will be first in their requests.  I will never make your job easier.  I will always correctly educate my patients and take care of their needs first but never for your convenience.   You will learn if you piss of your nurses you will never earn their respect nor their willingness to help you out.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

As the Redneck World turns: Party Poopers

rebel_flagOkay so this episode of redneck world turns brings us to my nieces birthday party.  Nothing funny about this…but I have come to realize that my brother- in-law is an ass.  Wait let me rephrase that.  I knew he was one this just makes him a bigger one.  He never treats his step daughter like a real daughter.  She is always a second class citizen.  I see it all the time when he dotes on his little blood child.  Which is really sad because this child really needs a father figure in her life since her real father is a dead beat.  My sister in law was telling me that all the kids got 50 bucks for their birthday…she got 8 bucks.  What the *&@*.  I mean I know I only gave her 10 bucks but that is really sad that her “father” gave her barely anything.  I really want to hit him with a baseball bat. I mean I knew he treats his woman like shit but a kid?  What is wrong with people.  She’s not dumb. I know she knows he treats her different.  Of course my man says stay out of it.  Though I really wanted to tell him you can buy beer and cigarettes but no gift for this kid?  What a dead beat.  Which leads me to my next complaint.  When you have a birthday party it’s only polite not to smoke while you have guests.  The kids at the party hell his kids don’t need to be around that crap.  That is one of the reasons I left early.  I would have loved to stay and chat to my sister in law since I haven’t seen her in forever but the smog was so bad I had to leave.  Ever since this last cold my lungs cannot tolerate the smoke.  I just hope she realizes I didn’t leave on her account but on his sorry ass for not being considerate.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Shot of Reality: Mother of the year

It is just amazing what you see in the ER.  There are some really uneducated people and there are just stupid people.  Just to define the two for those that don’t know there is a difference uneducated means not educated, lack of education or just don’t know any better.  Stupid people are people to lazy to do anything about it, no matter how much you teach them they will do the opposite and make me wish mandatory sterilization was legal again.  So this entry is dedicated to the  “special” moms aka dumbass in my ER or in this redneck area.  Now mind you there are the first time mom’s that bring their kids in for every little sniffle.  These are not the moms I am referring too.

Dear Deadbeat Mom,
Do you know where you 14 yr old daughter is?  I do.  She is in my ER with a huge laceration to the back of her head.  Who brought her in?  Some 18 yr old and 22 yr old guys.  Guess what she won’t give me your telephone number.  Why?  She’s intoxicated. 
Nevermind she’s not even living with you she lives with her 19yr old sister who could care less. Fabulous.  Guess what apparently the doctor doesn’t care either because they released her to those guys.  FYI your daughter is a tramp.

Dear Back Pain mom,
Yes I understand that you have back pain but did you have to bring the entire family.  You mother could have kept the 3 small children at home.  Lovely do you think maybe you could please keep your kids from using my scale as a jungle gym.  Now they are playing with wheelchairs, jumping off the bed.
Sincerly ,  Whoops sorry I pissed you off by reprimanding your brats but its amazing how fast they stopped after I took charge.

Dear Grow some Balls mother,
What seems to bring you here today?  Your 4 yr old won’ t take her medication to help keep her fever down.  So you brought her out in 18 inches of snow, ignored the please don’t be on the roads except in emergencies, and braved the ice just so we could shove Tylenol up her butt. 
Sincerely it’s time to take the booby out of the brats mouth.
Ps  I found it very amusing when the brat screamed and kicked about getting meds up her ass.  Exactly why I explained to her that taking her orange flavored motrin would be a lot easier and I hope that she does take it or the remaining doses will have to be the same. 

Dear germ spreading mom,
Just in case you are not aware but this is one of the worst years for the flu.  So when I am educating you and your brood of children please take heed.  Letting them crawl around on the floor where people have puke, shit or bled on isn’t the best place for them to be.  Allowing them to put everything in their mouth during the flu season while you are here for you belly pain is a good sign you will be back next week with flu like symptoms.
Sincerly , did you really just let that pacifier hit the floor and pop it back into that kids mouth???

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Here piggy piggy: Quit complaining and updates


Well it has been awhile since I have updated.  I have lost 26 pounds since I started about a year ago.  The last 18 have been since October.  I am really proud of myself.  I know that I will have to eat healthy for the rest of my life and continue to have an active lifestyle.  I know this is a life change not just a phase.  If I want to keep it off I will always have to work hard.  The problem I am having is those that jumped on the band wagon and are not doing so well.  I have tried to be supportive, give suggestions and told them the program that I am doing.  Which is free.  I even gave them dvd names and invited them to join me at the gym.  5bucks a day when you go with me.  Not to bad.  When I invite them they are always busy or too tired. When it’s time to weight I always here I have been bad this week.  Which is turning into every week.  What really irritated me was when I was asked how much have I lost so far and I told the person.  The other person commented it’s not as easy for me as it is for you.  What the hell?  I do work my ass off.  I do have bad days but I don’t wallow in self pity.  I just pick up and do better the next time.  I listen to suggestions of others that have succeeded.   I want this bad enough.  I am tired of being tired.  Tired of my knees hurting!  Tired of looking like a fat blimp in clothing.  I empowered myself to lose weight.  I didn’t try to starve myself or get the quick fix like the others were.  You can’t eat 400 calories a day and expect to stay on that diet.  You can’t continue to eat at fast food restaurants and expect to lose.  It’s a life change.  If you don’t honestly record every calorie then you are cheating on your diet.  The only person it hurts is yourself.  I don’t care if you cheat.  Doesn’t hurt me one bit.  But what pisses me off is people running their mouth making it sound like it was easy for me.  I sweated my ass off.  I went to the gym after work and gave up Starbucks 450 calorie drinks.  I swore off McDonald's.  So until you do that don’t tell me how hard it is.  Still eating what you want isn’t hard at all.   I will be happy to help anyway I can but don’t rain on my parade for all that I have accomplished.  But hell yea I look fabulous in my jeans now.  You can be gorgeous no matter you size what makes you ugly is putting yourself down.  Don’t complain about being fat if you don’t have the courage to make a change.  If you need help I will always be here to help you all you have to do is ask.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Starbucks hour


So I decided that I really need to sit down and blog.  But the more I try the less I seem to get accomplished.  Why do you ask?  Because being a mother, house wife and nurse it seem there is no time for myself anymore.  I use to go to Starbucks and write my blogs.  My one place to get away and get caffeinated.  Problem is this new diet has pretty much cut Starbucks out.  I mean one drink would be a whopping 450 calories and every once in awhile I would splurge and get one of those awesome banana walnut bread another whopping 490 calories and who the hell can eat half?  So I did find a solution.  I love their blonde willow brew.  Which means I can brew it at home at 16 calories for every 8 cups.  Did I mention I drink probably 10 cups to equal the caffeine I need to get the jolt the triple shot of espresso white chocolate would give me.  Sad I know so I get the energy to make it through my night shift but I find myself peeing myself to death.  Which is a hard task to do as a nurse since it never seem like you get time to go.   So I splurged today and I am currently typing this at Starbucks in hopes to complete my many blogs that are dancing around in my head.  Of course I didn’t get the 450 calorie drink and opted for the Skinny chai latte instead.  Tea instead of coffee.  What is the world coming to.  This Starbucks addict is seriously missing my triple shot white chocolate mocha.  However my smaller ass is making it easier to deal with.   I see new faces at the Starbucks today.  I was not greeted by my name this time which means I have definitely not been here in awhile.  It was bad.  They usually would ask me how many I was getting today for the coworkers and would I be hanging out for a little while before I ordered them.  So I kick off this month of blogs in remembrance of my many visits to Starbucks.  I am hoping to complete a few today and have them post every few days.  Here’s to getting back to blogging.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Holiday Flu Blues

flu_right_stay_homeWhy the heck would you want to come to the ER on Christmas?  Apparently it’s a popular thing in my area.  In fact most people assumed we wouldn’t be busy so they waited to come in then.  WRONG!  In fact there was a 3 hour wait in the ER.  Which doesn’t sound bad but all 29 rooms were completely full with the staff of about 7 nurses and a 3 doctors.  Most of the people that showed up were there for the flu.  There is no cure for the flu so running to you local ER isn’t going to fix it.  Having the flu does make you feel like you are dying.  I had it.  Lasted 5 days of hell.  Best thing I took?  MOTRIN…which is over the counter.   Tamiflu is over priced and over rated.  People think it’s the cure for the flu.  At best it may shave off a day of the flu.  Not worth the 200 dollar price tag if you don’t have insurance.  Now if you have the stomach flu and can’t keep anything down then by all means come to the ER so we can pump you full of fluids.  But the regular aches, chills and fevers can be took care of at home.  STOP COMING OUT AND SPREADING IT!


The most whiny people?  You would think it would be the little kids…nope 16-25yrs old.  I have never seen people act like they were dying.  I actually had a girl tell me she was dying and refused to put her mask on because of it.  WTF.  So you would rather infect the entire ER with it  Fabulous…do me a favor sit next to the guy with the finger pain x 6months…he deserves to get it too.  Had another tell me that he deserved to go straight back because he was dying.  NO vomiting.  Just fever and body aches.  Sure lets take you straight back to the trauma room.  Because you are dying much more than the guy who went through the windshield of his car and is bleeding to death.  Let me wheel him out in the waiting room so you can have his room.

Please wear a mask.  I have never seen so many noncompliant patients in all my life.  As a courtesy to other please wear a mask if you have flu like symptoms.  The other people that are there for broken bones or lacerations really don’t need to get sick.  In fact I told one asshole to please wear his mask because the 88yr old lady with the broken hip doesn’t want to die because they caught the flu from you.  Yea I know I am such a bitch.  Please feel free to cough on the guy who has been here 3 times this week for his bruised leg who swears it’s really broke despite the x-rays proving it’s not.

Last but not least you are not invincible if you have the flu shot.  I know this for a fact.  I was made by my employer to have the shot.  3 weeks later I had flu A..yippee.  Never had the flu before.  I see so many stupid people at the ER.  STOP bringing you kids and family member who aren’t there to be seen by a doctor.  This is not the place to have family get togethers. The flu is so rampant if you aren’t sick while visiting the asshole next to you who won’t wear his mask will be happy to share it with you.