Thursday, September 12, 2013

Interviewing: time for a change

I really thought I would be an ER nurse for a long time.  It's what I love.  Not to mention I love my crew. Even though one has left us and a new dumbass is about to join us. But unfortunately the place I work for keeps cutting time, the budget and giving 5 cent raises. And this year possibly no raises. Which makes it hard when you just bought a new home.  As money gets tighter you get cornered into thinking of a new job.  One that pays more.  Because no matter how much we cut back at home it sucks.  What kind of life is it if you are stuck home, eating bargain food and never getting to buy a new book.  I mean come on I have a college education.  I am not asking to be rich.  I know I have a roof over my head but if there is no breathing room for car break downs or other emergencies. So I have put in for a couple of new jobs.  A prison nurse, dialysis nurse and a Emergency Crisis worker.  I got the interview for the Crisis worker.  I am telling you the wait is killing me.  I thought it went well.  But I have no idea.  I am trying to send off my thank you letter.  Unfortunately the printer I have died.  Thank God my sister in laws still works. So I am sending my thank you letter in the mail in the morning.  This job has weird hours.  But it's only 3 days a week and I get put on call most of the time.  Meaning there will be long nights and no nights at all and I will still get paid.  Which also means on my other days I can work PRN at my current ER job making 30 dollars and hour.  Which would really help us financially.  I only have a range of what this job may pay which could potentiality be more.  So well wishes or prayers are really needed.  I am really excited yet scared all rolled into one.  Not to mention impatient.  I think my iPhone is really attached to my hip now.  I keep checking make sure it still works.  Obsessive?  Yes.  I am so nervous that I won't get this job or any of the jobs.  The other 2 haven't even called for an interview.  Which is really disappointing.  So I have spent a lot of time at the gym burning calories and using that pent up anxiousness for something positive.  Even though it's a little depressing when I check my phone for the millionth time.  UGH.  PLEASE PLEASE let me know something soon.  It's killing me.


Leeanna Henderson said...

Hope you get the right job to help with finances. I know how it is with money being tight.
Good Luck

Martina said...

Good Luck!

NP Odyssey said...

What is the song, a change will do you good. Don't know if you are in a bigger city but things are getting better and more nursing jobs will be available.