Thursday, September 6, 2012

House of Horrors: Update

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So at the last moment they told us that we had to move out of the tin can.  We had 3 days to do it.  I had to get some people at work cover for me so I could have some time off.  With the help of neighbors and family we got everything moved.  We had to stay in the new place and walk across the field to use the bathroom and take showers.  The next day they had the water on.  But not after the idiot put the wrong size piece on and we had to get the neighbor hood plumber to fix it.  We had the walk through and they are to fix the issues in the next couple of weeks.  The guttering is completed, water is hooked up, decks are almost done.  We are waiting for them to get the roofs on the decks, grading guy to come grade some issues and lay gravel in drive and last still waiting on water guys to bury the water pipes.  The rain has hider a lot of these things.  I wish it would rain a down pour and be over with it.  This rain an hour and no rain for 2 hours is annoying as crap.  We have most of the dog kennels moved.  A lot of the stuff is unpacked.  Even though this place is much bigger I am having difficulty finding homes for everything.  The old home had deeper cabinets and they had shelves in them.  These are much taller but lack shelves.  How dumb is that?  So whenever the man gets done with the man stuff outside he has to place some shelves.  I hate the mud.  Any suggestion on how to get the grass to grow faster?
Biggest annoyance?  My father in law.  He wants to know why I haven’t helped the man outside with the clean up and dog pens?  Um I am working on all the shit in the house.  Like unpacking and moving things around trying to figure out where shit is going to go.  Not to mention the 50 times I have had to mop, vacuum and clean up after everyone.  WTF.  So he is helping him.  You know my mother in law could help me unpack or clean.  I know my mom would help if she was here.  Well she actually volunteer to drive 600 miles and stay a couple of nights to help.  I told her it was much appreciate but not very practical.
Oh the suck up guy from work…helped install my surround sound system weird huh?  My other coworker mention to me why the heck is he sucking up to you so bad?  I can see the brown on his nose.  I have no idea why.  Unless someone told him I was looking for a new job.  I guess that could be a possibility.  Who knows.  Well time to get back to unpacking…ugh