Sunday, February 10, 2013

Grinds my gears: Dr Dumbass

gears2So I get along with all my ER doctors, which is over 10 of them.  All but one…Dr Dumbass is her name.  I have no idea where the hell she got her degree but I guess someone has to be the bottom of the class percentile.   Let me show you a glimpse of her dumbassedness (made up word I know).  We use to carry around IV trays.  It had the needles, start kits and tubes and whatever else we needed to start an IV.  She actually wanted us to store ice on it so we would be prepared to grab a lactic acid (blood draw that needs to be put on ice asap).  We all looked at her in the meeting like um…wth.  Does she not realize the ice will melt and be water?  See what I am dealing with.
Well this past weekend she actually pissed of the whole crew.  That is pretty amazing.  First she pissed of a nurse that is never angry.  She was upset that the patient wasn’t placed into a gown.  This is why the nurse did not.  The patient was in a gown…however the pants, shoes and socks were still on.  The patient had obviously broken his ankle.  The nurse knew the doctor was bad for signing up for a patient and not seeing them forever.  The high top shoe was helping hold it in the correct position and he knew as soon as the shoe came off the swelling would be bad and wanted the doctor to remove the shoe.  He was trying to avoid more damage.  “For a broken ankle/foot, use a soft splint (a pillow or a heavy towel) to immobilize the area. The person's shoe should not be removed.” college of emergency medicine excerpt.  She bad mouthed him in front of the patient with another nurse.  Which was inappropriate. 
Next she highly pissed me off.   I was triage nurse and had a shortness of breath infant.  Mind you we get a lot of shortness of breath only to find out it’s just congestion.  However when mom uncovered infant from car seat I could tell he was having difficulty.  I scooped him up, weighed him quickly and headed to an open room.  Called the doctor over our volcera and another nurse to assist.   The only thing I had in the computer was Shortness of breath x1 day congestion x 2 with fever per mom.  When the doctor arrived I was placing the infant on the monitor and the other nurse was getting the IV stuff ready.  She barked orders to get a line and o2.  I was already in the process of getting o2 on.  He was 89% on room air and using all of his little muscles to breathe. I explained to the doctor that I had a weight and vitals except temp.  I would get it after the line was completed. We both attempted with no luck.  He was very dehydrated.  Respiratory arrived and I let them do a treatment first and explained to the doctor I had not forgotten the temp.  She said that is fine.  After the treatment and IV access I obtained a temp.  This is all within 10 mins of the infant arriving.  The nurse that was helping me over heard her bad mouthing me to the other doctors about incomplete vital signs.  I was pissed.  I had to avoid her the rest of the night because of I was afraid I would go off on her.
Next she was the one that was pushing for the undress for success.  She doesn’t care why you are here you will be completely naked and place in a gown.  Every time I was assessing my patient she would rush in.  I made it a point to say I sorry you didn’t give me enough time to get them in the gown and get your urine for you yet.  She was too stupid to understand I was being sarcastic.   I really hate this lady.  I really don’t think she understands.  She can power trip us all she wants, Bad mouth me in front of my patients, and be a know it all she wants but I will never be extra helpful like I am to the other doctors.  I will never automatically get a urine or blood without her orders in the system.  The other doctors will be first in their requests.  I will never make your job easier.  I will always correctly educate my patients and take care of their needs first but never for your convenience.   You will learn if you piss of your nurses you will never earn their respect nor their willingness to help you out.


Ajax said...

Yuck. Yes- power trip indeed. I used to wake up in the emergency room fairly often (seizures). It's so violating to find you've been stripped out of your clothes. Shirt- fine, you need to place the EKG leads, i understand. But pants, bra, etc. seems like overkill to me.

Leeanna Henderson said...

Sounds like Dr Dumbass has a "I am God" complex. Needs to be taken down to minion level, that's a very long fall down. To bad, unless there is a fellow doctor willing to take her down in front of the nurses and patients in the ER, you don't have a prayer. Sorry you have to put up with that crap.

Martina said...

Sounds like Dr. Dumbass needs to be knocked off her high horse.

Azmomo2andcounting said...

OMG, your toe hurts, get naked. Not a fan of this mentality at all!