Friday, February 22, 2013

My life flashed before my eyes…spewing prayers and profanity.



(picture brought to you by the Happy Hospitalist, check out his site)

So in our area the weather has been awful.  Very crazy.  In one week we had 70 degree weather, torrential rains, tornadoes, sleet, ice and blizzards.  Fabulous right?  Well the job instructed us that we were to be at work no matter the weather.  I mean it’s not like they will pay to get my car out of the ditch.  Anyway took me twice as long to get to work because of the snow.  It was so bad I never got over 40 miles and hour on the interstate.  In fact at some points I had no idea what lane I was in.  I just love truck drivers that must have 9 lives or are immortal because they are still zooming by me at 70 miles and hour.  Which cause the snow, slush and ice to cover my car.  Causing me to be blinded, skidding and sliding and praying out loud.  I then, after getting control of the car, cuss at the SOB.  I came into work shaking like a leave.  More than normal cause usually I am high on caffeine.  Left the next morning only to get in a ditch at the house.  The one stupid day I forgot to wear my winter boots instead of my work shoes.  18 inches of snow and paper thin scrubs are not fun to trek in at all.

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Martina said...

I will be glad when spring finally comes. This weather is ridiculous!