Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Would you like a menu?

There are a few ER doctors I swear will give out narcotics like candy.  Hmmm maybe we need a Ativan salt lick and a dilaudid bubble gum dispenser in the waiting room.  I mean I actually heard one say to her patient.  We have lortab, percocet or we can start and IV and give you some dilaudid.  What would you like us to do?  WTH .  They wonder why the world has drug addicts.  The stupid ER doctors are giving them their start.  I know one patient that was on klonopin, percocet, morphine, xanax for all her medical chronic pain issue.  If I took that I would be dead or intubated. 
I was really impressed with my neurologist.  If he puts you on a narcotic you are drug tested twice a year and they count your meds.  If you don’t have it in your system he takes you off of it and if you pills are short because you are abusing them he takes you off of it.  I think all doctors need to do this.  I am so tired of patients arrive to the Er for a medicine refill because they took their meds incorrectly and have run out.  Take it as prescribed.  Yea I know I am a bitch and uncaring person.  But hell I have chronic pain,it sucks. Do people understand?  Hell no.  Do I take my meds like I am suppose to?  Yes.  I also do this without the use of narcotics.  I still work full time.  I still had back surgery.  I still have stupid patients who pretend they can’t transfer from the chair to the bed, but will walk out on their own when they are discharged.  They don’t care the nurse is straining their back to help them.  I will still give you your pain meds but at least have the courtesy not to injure your nurse.


Leeanna Henderson said...

Didn't you know actors come to ER's to hone their acting skills. They also get pain meds because ER's are the Pain Med Dispensary in their city or town.

Same thing with ambulances. They provide Taxi services. BWAAHAAhaahahahahahahahaahaaa!

Rachel Wohld said...

I work in a clinic that treats a lot of "chronic pain" patients. We have them sign a contract outlining their responsibilities while receiving the meds and that we can call them in randomly at least three times a year for a count and/or test.