Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Starbucks hour


So I decided that I really need to sit down and blog.  But the more I try the less I seem to get accomplished.  Why do you ask?  Because being a mother, house wife and nurse it seem there is no time for myself anymore.  I use to go to Starbucks and write my blogs.  My one place to get away and get caffeinated.  Problem is this new diet has pretty much cut Starbucks out.  I mean one drink would be a whopping 450 calories and every once in awhile I would splurge and get one of those awesome banana walnut bread another whopping 490 calories and who the hell can eat half?  So I did find a solution.  I love their blonde willow brew.  Which means I can brew it at home at 16 calories for every 8 cups.  Did I mention I drink probably 10 cups to equal the caffeine I need to get the jolt the triple shot of espresso white chocolate would give me.  Sad I know so I get the energy to make it through my night shift but I find myself peeing myself to death.  Which is a hard task to do as a nurse since it never seem like you get time to go.   So I splurged today and I am currently typing this at Starbucks in hopes to complete my many blogs that are dancing around in my head.  Of course I didn’t get the 450 calorie drink and opted for the Skinny chai latte instead.  Tea instead of coffee.  What is the world coming to.  This Starbucks addict is seriously missing my triple shot white chocolate mocha.  However my smaller ass is making it easier to deal with.   I see new faces at the Starbucks today.  I was not greeted by my name this time which means I have definitely not been here in awhile.  It was bad.  They usually would ask me how many I was getting today for the coworkers and would I be hanging out for a little while before I ordered them.  So I kick off this month of blogs in remembrance of my many visits to Starbucks.  I am hoping to complete a few today and have them post every few days.  Here’s to getting back to blogging.



Martina said...

Tea? It's just not the same. lol

Leeanna Henderson said...

Mmmkay... tea is so wrong on so many levels. It's inhumane, that's what it is. Sorry, I'm a coffee addict too.

AtYourCervix said...

get a skinny latte with some extra shots of espresso --- lower in calories/fat, and still have the ZING of caffeine!