Saturday, May 4, 2013

Jillian Michaels drill sergeant or the devil?


So besides using the gym, I have used Jillian’s DVD work outs.  Can you say shut the hell up!  Yea she pushes you and you will find yourself talking and swearing at the television.  But I can see some difference.  I first started out with her killer abs.  I would love to have killer abs.  However at this point I just have abs that are killing me.  As soon as I do great and move up to level 2 I slack off a few days and have to start all over again.  The Jillian Yoga will make you hurt and bend in place you never would imagine doing.  I don’t burn as much with that video.  However…if you want to truly burn check out 30 day shred.  That will make you burn.  In you quads, hamstrings and calves.  I swear if I hear her say Hammie one more time I might choke her.  The first was bad but waking up the next day was torture.  I pushed through it and did day 2.  On the morning of day 3 I texted my hubby from the bed to have him help me out of the bed.

However…I can see my abs..a little hiding under a layer of pudge.  I am hoping by day 30 I see them completely.  I am on day 7 of 30 day shred.

the only thing bad after doing these videos…the repetition of her quotes on the video…


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