Tuesday, July 24, 2012

House of Horror

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So I have yet to get my house.  If it’s not one road block it’s another.  After the company that makes the house finally got the blue prints done and approved by me the bank let the paper lapse.  Meaning I had to turn in more information since it expired on  July 5th.  You would think the stupid bank would have sent me a message so I could get these items yet again.  Nope and now they needed social security cards.  My husband has no idea where his is.  Wonderful right?  Meaning yet again we would be delayed.  The bank loan lady also mention that if we got delay to much more all the paper work and loan would have to be done again.  Including the appraisal.  Which already cost 400 dollars the first time around.  So I became highly enraged and called the bank and spoke to the boss.  I explained that she should have sent out a letter for me to get the expired papers when it expired 3 weeks ago.  Plus she should have mentioned months ago that we needed our social security cards.  I told him that the whole deal was getting ready to expire and there would be no way to get to closing on the weekend.  I told him he better figure something out before it expired.  Because if I had to do everything over it will be with a different bank.
So that evening he called back.  It was at the closer.   Next day it was at the last stage but got delayed because something needed to be approved by the court.  Good grief.  This wasn’t the banks fault the court waited forever to send the paper back.  So finally we having a closing date!  It will be Friday.  I will be going there first thing in the am when I get home from working nights.  But hell I can lose a little sleep just to complete this stupid pain in the ass deal. 
Next part….is the building, grading and moving of stuff…


Martina said...

Good grief, what a pain in the ass.

Leeanna Henderson said...

Dayum!!! That is a nightmare. Hope everything turns out g/f.

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

Why a court? I got lost on that part lol. Hope it gets done and overwith soon!