Monday, April 2, 2012

Back issues

To All of my old followers I am sure you remember my months of posting about my back and being out of work. Not to mention months of being stuck home. I did have plenty of time to blog though. Awhile back I had a psych patient that was being violent and I ended up pulling my shoulder. Which turn out to be a pinched nerve. Apparently it's not any better because last thursday I really hurt it. Now I am on
Iight duty, steroids, muscle relaxers and NSAIDs. Which Is making me a hormonal mess. If the meds don't cause severe mood swings, fatigue i get to look forward to excess sweating. Note to self bring extra deodorant. Mine apparently ran out half way thru the night. Hand sanitizer mixed with flower lotion will not help. What was worse I thought the patient smelled and it was me....ewww. Had to call the floors to send me deodorant down to the ER. How sad is that. Light duty is a joke in the ER since when is there light duty anything? No lifting, pushing or pulling more than 20 pounds, no bending, squatting. No raising either arm about head. Hello all the gowns are above my head. Not to mention towels, wash rags and bed sheets. That doesn't work at all. I already feel like crap and now i have to call employees to get things down! Like they have time for that. Not to mention we are on mandatory overtime so I still feel over worked. How the hell am I suppose to get better. They are already lining me up to see a neurologist. That way I can get a mylelogram done. Which I had done before. It was the most painful procedure I have ever had done. And I have had back surgery and two kids. So I hurt, feel useless at work, fatigued from all the drugs, and scared to death I might be on the road to another surgery. I just want to go to bed and throw the covers over my head and hide some.mmi wish they would back off on work a little. I might get the chance to really recover. Ugh so frustrated
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Leeanna Henderson said...

Sweetie I was in the same situation in the lab so I know your plight. There is no such thing as freaking light duty anywhere in a hospital.

I was constantly in pain in my knees and back from my Osteoarthritis. It was difficult to walk long distances let alone the picking up of reagents for the machines because the old ones were out. Suckers weighed 25lbs!!! We had to carry them from the basement up the stairs to the cart(which was a blessing). I hated when the machines ran out.

You know we have a saying in the lab. If your knees and back are gone so is your job. I know it's the truth cause I don't think I can go back to work ever. I am still suffering even though I had my knees replaced. But my back is screwed, blued,and tattooed as they say.

So I really feel your pain my friend. I hope you can get some help for all that you suffer with. Lord knows you deserve relief.

mommyinthemiddle said...

So sorry friend! I hope you get the much needed R and R that you deserve!

mommyinthemiddle said...

So sorry friend! I hope you get the much needed R and R that you deserve!

Anonymous said...

that is a problem in nursing. No opportunity to really rest and recover. Sorry you are hurting.

suzanne smith said...

thanks guys for all your concerns. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that they figure out what's causing this pain