Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Facebook I don’t Like you

I have kept my 2 cents to myself long enough.  I think it was time to explain to the people what the like button is all about.
Okay people.  There is a concept with the like button.  If you like what the person is typing about…you hit the like button.  If the picture they posted is great you hit the like button.  Post a musical video you like…ta da you hit the like button.  Can you see a pattern going on here?  Good because here are a few times I really wanted to post you like this??? WTF
Here goes…when NOT to hit the like button.
  1. Today I lost my best friend~  okay unless this best friend was a bitch or maybe a horrible person then I might click the like button.  But at least explain yourself
  2. I lost my sister today.  She battle cancer for the last year and I am glad she isn’t suffering anymore~  okay don’t hit the like button.  If even if you agree that she is no longer in pain.  It appears that you are glad she is dead.
  3. Ugh I have the crud today~  this was on my Facebook.  My friends actually liked this.  I really wanted to invite them to my house so I could cough on them.  Really?  You love that I have the crud.
  4. Lord I am glad today is over…bad day.  I hate having code blues.~  yup someone like that.  Are you liking that there was a code blue, that someone died?  Or that she had a bad day.  Let’s hope it’s the fact the day ended.  Really?  Would it have hurt to actually type glad your day is over maybe it will be better tomorrow?
  5. Copied and pasted from a friends Fb: It really sux when something u have believed and trusted in turns out to be meaningless and empty ....12 people liked this?  Really are you sure these 12 people aren’t the ones you should trust.
  6. Another cut and paste: The crime rate is rising on a local college campus. We told you about crime rates going up on Tusculum College's campus last week.  ~yup people like this.  HMMM cops maybe you should swing by these people’s houses.  Maybe they are the criminals since they  like the fact the crime rates have gone up
  7. There is a video of a accident of a some idiot that was texting.  Completely caused a bad accident and there was nothing left of the driver.  Yes great message to not text…but liking it is kinda morbid.
  8. And last but not least on my last post…Depressed…bleck.  yup had people like that.  Glad I didn’t post going to slit my wrists or anything.  My husband even noticed that.  Why are people liking you depression.  I have no idea.
So please stop using the like button to appear that you are actually reading people’s post.  Because if your not actually reading them and you click like incorrectly…it’s a bit weird.  I do agree fb does need to add a dislike button.  But it’s just as easy to type dislike or even a brief message. Like I hope things get better soon.  Even that sucks.  So today’s lesson is brought to you by the letter D…as in DUH. The number 2 as in shit people use your common sense…and the letter B as in boy I’m a bitch I know.


Martina said...

I have always wondered why people do this. Do they enjoy others misfortune, grief and/or pain? Wth?
I put a :( on your status. lol Hey, at least it wasn't a like.

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

I hear you-what's the deal with some people and their choices of Liking...

Leave a comment for christ's sake.

Anonymous said...

they like that you have the crud because you are warning them that you have it and to stay away!

minimedic said...

I had someone "like" the fact that my face was breaking out due to stress.

I kicked his bitch ass off my friends list, as I really don't have any time for people like this, and I really didn't like him all that much anyway.

midnightbunny said...

I scaled back completely on fb due to things like that happening all the time as well. It's really disheartening to see how very little people care for anything that is shared there. They don't read anything, they just click "like" and move on.

I much prefer twitter and websites/weblogs. ;)

Michelle ... aka ... midnightbunny

On Twitter @midnightbunny