Friday, April 13, 2012

How you found me on Blogger

So my friend at Southerndysfunction wrote a blog about how people use key words or sites to find your blog.  First I want to thank at your cervix for all the traffic because apparently most of my viewer come from that site.  Awesome.  I love that blog.  Anyway the main reason I am typing this blog is for the key words in how some people stumble on my site.  Here goes
  1. Redneck Easter/ redneck Easter basket. ~which is a lovely picture of my brother in law using a beer box for his son’s Easter basket
  2. Clothes squishing boobs in ~ really?  I don’t remember ever talking about that subject.  I don’t usually have that problem.  Now squishing gut into jeans.  That’s more like a subject you might find in this blog
  3. Herpes on balls~  OMG really you typed that and my blog came up?  I don’t recall that subject.  Unless you are talking about my ex sister in law and what she might be spreading to her man’s balls…muahhaha
  4. People wearing PJ’s to Wal-Mart ~ yup one of my biggest pet peeves.  That I do recall ranting about at least a 100 times
  5. Agitated patient ~ more like aggravating patients…but okay sure
  6. Creepy girl clown and clown spawn- that is really weird since clowns really freak me out.
That’s it for now.  I will let you know if I have any more wonderful key words that revert you to my blog.


Anonymous said...

Beer box for an Easter basket...OMG that is so freakin redneck.

Martina said...

Squished boobs? Really? AHahahaha!
Eeewww herpes. lol

Leeanna Henderson said...

Thank the Goddess mine are all sane looking. Yours looks like a mixture of porn, BWAAHAahahaaahaaa!

Tonja said...

Yup, those are pretty good, so I looked at my most recent ones, and there's just one: Tree in flames.
Really? I've talked about trees, and I've talked about fires....but I don't think I've talked about both together. That's ok, because up until today mine were: stick figure sex positions and sex positions!

AtYourCervix said...

you crack me up!!! Glad to be able to send traffic your way!