Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I need a real man

Okay I know this isn’t the 50’s and we have woman's rights and all that crap but some days all I want is my man to grow some balls and be a man.  Is that too much?  I work 36 hours one week and almost 50 the next week.  I do the anything that is related to the dentist,doctor or school appointments for the kids.  The house that we are getting?  I got the 40 pieces of papers needed to get the loan.  I looked at 30 different home by myself till I got it down to 2.  I battled with 4 different loans till I found the right one.  I am the one that takes the dogs to the vet, walk and bathe them. I vacuum, dust, spring clean the house, laundry, the bills. I am the one that gets all the gifts for Christmas, birthdays, and holidays.  I am the Easter bunny and Santa.  I take my car to get the oil change, tires rotated and parts fixed.
We do share the cooking chore.  His father takes the trash off.  He only mows when the grass is 1 foot tall.  So you would think I wouldn’t get cussed out for asking him to take the loan papers to the post office to get the postage paid. I can help that I have to sleep before I go into work. 
You would think he could take and hour and half out of his day off to take my car to get the part replaced so I could sleep because I just got home at 7am from work.  No he bitched that it wasn’t part of his plan for the day?  Part of your plan? WTF really what was your plan?  Oh you wanted to sleep before we go drop off more info on our house.  Because I needed    made you to go do the man part of the loan on your day off?  WTF  I don’t ask for him to do much so for one FREAKING time it would be nice if he would refrain from cussing and just say sure dear I would be happy to take care of that for you. 
Nothing pisses me off more than when I am cleaning the house and you disappear and reappear when it’s completed or even worse when your sitting on you ass in your recliner and after everything is done you ask what can I do.  You can go back outside before I hit you with this frying pan.
I spend my other time trying to go to the gym to stay in shape, balance time with the kids, and time with the man.
Oh and somewhere in all this woman’s work I have to make time to do my wifely duty.  When all I really want to do is smother you with your pillow…grrr
So MAN up and do the man shit.  Because you are so lacking in that dept.  Going outside and planting flowers doesn’t count.  That’s a hobby.  It would be nice for you to replace the faucet on the tub that was bought at Lowes by me 5 months ago that still hasn’t been put on.  The roof that still needs to be sealed.  The front porch mess that you make that needs to be addressed.  And don’t even get me started on cleaning your truck and car out.  Both smell like ass and nasty dog.  I have only begged, pleaded, bitched and threatened for you to get done.  Especially on your vacation where all you did was nap, ride your bike, hunt and watch the boob tube.   I was off work 2 days and did more than you did the entire week off asshole.  I only gave you that one chore to do on your vacation and you never completed.  Oh and to add to the list…I am the one that always calls, plans and pays for our vacation getaways.  Because I really don’t think you have a clue how to use the credit card or phone.

Okay I feel better…


Martina said...

Sadly, he and his brother seem to take after their mother and not their father.

It's sad that you're married, yet have the life of a single mother, minus the wifely duties. Maybe you should tell him that and see what happens. Then again, he'd probably just get mad.

By the way, you do have the email follow up comments option on here. I need to check mine now. :/

Barfly said...

So I may just sympathize with the guy. Isn't that what rants are about? To get an argument? In my case, I share duties with my wife. Unlike him and you, I work in and office all day and she works out of the out the house. She doesn't think I don't pull my weight. I do most of the cooking and she does some more of the flower planting. However, this is this desire of hers to "make up" work for me on the rare occasion I don't have the day "planned out". Just saying, It may be a defense mechanism.

Leeanna Henderson said...

Hey for a $1000 I can make it look like an accident. BWAAAHAHAHAHAAHAAahahaaaa, snort! sorry