Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Horror Home

Yes that’s exactly what buying a home is like..a nightmare or even some type of horror movie.  So we own our land and thought lets build.  But with all the horror stories I already heard we decided to go with a Modular.  Though to me when you look a ranch style modular it still looks like a double wide.  Except you get a deed instead of a title and its 15,000 dollars more.  The first place we started at had a loan for 6.5% and she had us deed our new land before we got started.  Cost us 650 dollars.  Only to be told that we would have to redo it because the new land needed to be deeded with the old land.  So we took our business elsewhere.  Which was a good move on our part because I found out from one of my docs I work with that I should be able to get a cheaper % rate.  Which I was able to get.  4.5%  So the loan was ready to go.  Found the house of our dreams.  Especially the kitchen.  But I had a back up with another company just in case. Which was smart on my part because the Nightmare is the salesman.
He never calls me when he says he will.  Email pfft never.  The second house we like the salesman he calls, emails and keeps me in the loop what is next.  Unfortunately the 2nd house is all on paper.  The model is so new there is no pictures or model to walk through.  Which makes me a little leery.
Back to the asshole salesman.  The handyman was suppose to stop by on a Friday to appraise the tin can and look at the land to get ideas on the driveway.  He was a no show.  We reschedule for the next Friday.  The asshole salesman was suppose to call Monday to let me know what time Friday.  No call.  I call him Wednesday.  He will call Thursday no call.  I call him FRIDAY morning.  Oh yea he is coming I will let you know when.  PFFT hell no.  The guy called and said I will be there in an hour.  I got my quote for my monthly payment.  We were really happy.  But the loan lady made it sound like it was the Giles model and not the Norris model I was quoted.  When I try to get verification from the salesman I got put off or the subject changed.  Oh we are still waiting for the plans…blah blah blah.  Even worse oh your salesman is off the entire weekend.  Then I call Monday oh he came in on Friday but took Monday off.

Well the nice salesman I let him know that we really like the other layout and feel a little apprehensive about purchasing a house we can’t walk through.  So he asked me which house. Good new he can get that model.  So I faxed everything I had and talked to my loan lady.  Yes I can switch my salesman without messing up my loan.  AWESOME.

So now I had kept them both going.  I want the best deal and the person who can get my payment under 600 a month get me.  Or so that was my plan.  Till the new nice salesman started showing me just how the other place is hoodooing me.  First the “plans” the asshole salesman was waiting on the nice salesman got from Norris company.  So there’s another lie.  There is a 15,000 dollar difference in the price and the nice salesman isn’t sure how the asshole is getting my monthly payment where I want it.  He tried to get it that low and was unsuccessful.  But he was honest and gave other suggestions to help cut some costs.

I went back to the assholes asked to see the estimated cost and monthly payments.  Now my asshole salesman is telling me his boss has been working on the figures and he is on vacation.  I do love what the nice salesman said.  They can not take personal information out of the office.  So my papers were there and the asshole is full of shit.  What really aggravates me is the asshole has my 250 dollars for my appraisal fee.  I really need to get it back.  I don’t know if my dream house is worth putting up with these liars.  The nice salesman seems to think they will drag it out till they wear me out and I agree to some ridiculous monthly payment.  Even though I told that that would not happen.  That if in the end we don’t get my monthly payment I will walk.
I have great credit and a fantastic loan why the hell these idiots won’t be honest with me irks the crap out of me.   So after having my hubby with me this time he is in agreeance that this guy has to go.  Even if we lose our dream home and have to get second best.  So I will be calling Monday for them to refund my money.  The nice salesman told me if he tries to keep my money let him know he had the main managers number.  Plus it’s against their policy to keep the money.  But the nice salesman really thinks he will try to bluff me so that I stay.

 So buying a house is a pain in the ass.  I have been “in process” since NOVEMBER.  There is no ground even broken yet.  At this rate it will be Christmas before I get my new home.  This is so frustrating.


Azmomo2 said...

I say threaten the asshole with a foley!

Tonja said...

Oh boy, you have more patience than I do! I would have walked the moment I started feeling the stalling...after inserting a rectal tube!

suzanne smith said...

lol if only it was that simple was to threaten them with a foley Azmomo. Haha love the idea of a rectal tube