Friday, June 22, 2012

First and Second date

Okay if you are not familiar with this monstrosity that I seem to find myself watching it’s about a girl who gets pregnant in school.  Which seems to be happing more often these days.  The thing that’s worse is everyone in this show is sleeping with someone or more than one.  I don’t let my kids watch this.  I did at first until they continued to sleep around and promote that getting pregnant is all fun and cool.  Anyway here’s the real reason I am writing this blog my oldest daughter went on her first date.
That is awww…and all but it’s also scary as hell.  Especially if you watch this trash up above in said picture.  Of course we have had the “sex” talk and guys want sex talk…blah blah.  It’s still cute to see them go on their first day and trying to keep those thoughts at bay here’s how her first day went.
He was late.  Yup almost an hour late.  Not on purpose mind you just was so nervous got the time wrong.  He did bring flowers…not because he was late.  Saw him buying those the night before.  Anyway being the joker I am…I had to mention that my husband was beginning to get the shot gun out…for standing her up…bawahahahah
Next I took some poorly sneaky picture with my camera…trying not to embarrass my daughter.  Even though while we were walking into the theater I mention they will be sitting 5 row in front…no making out and no sneaking out.  MOMMMMM!  cried my oldest…bawahahahh.  After we went out for pizza so they could chit chat some.  He was so nervous he kept forgetting where his conversation was going and got lost mid sentence.
About 3 weeks later she went on her second date.  I did not chaperone this one.  They went to the local skating rink.  Apparently he really can’t skate and waddled like a duck as my daughter was telling me.  Then again my daughter can’t walk up steps since she did a face plant on them on the way up to the porch.  Which caused the small dogs to yap and the mom to shout “no kissing on my porch!”   “We’re not kissing…mom!”  I love giving her a hard time.


Martina said...

I think all these shows about knocked up teens are ridiculous. Why don't they make some about kids who finish high school, go to college and get a career. I guess that would be too boring.
Anyway, poor kid had you as a chaperone. lol

Tonja said...

Ahhhh, the torturing of favorite pasttime!

Leeanna Henderson said...

I wish I had a daughter like yours to torture. Anyone have an extra daughter out there that I can torture and abuse on her dates for a while? BWAHAHAHAAHAHAHAhahahahaaaa!