Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Ever had one of those moments where you say DOH!  Or maybe one of those moments when you hear something from someone else and you say WTF?  Well this post is brought to you today by both of those.  First one of my DOH moments.  On my honeymoon I was taking pictures with my new camera.  Taking pictures of our most memorable moments.  Only to realize that I forgot to put film in the camera.  The camera flashes, zooms and clicks just like normal even if there is no film.  I noticed this after about 30 some pictures later.  yup DOH!

Next a fellow nurse, who we are still laughing at, has his duh moment and shares it with us.  He walks into a room with Liquid Motrin for an 8mo old patient in a measuring cup.  Realizing that the meds needed to be in a syringe he thinks to himself what it the easiest way to put the Motrin in the syringe.  He pulled the stopper out and poured the medicine in only to realize it was dripping out the end.  He says crap and turns it back over quickly dumping it on the floor...lol

RNA nurse who thinks he knows it all takes his boards and decides to ask his fellow coworkers a question.  If you have 3.75 and it asks you to round it to a whole number what would it be?  The nurse and I answer 4.  He looks at us perplexed like what really?  Which he then replies well I figured all you had to do was remove the decimal point and that would make it a whole number.  I mean you wouldn't want to make it 4 especially if your giving medication that would be more than prescribed.  Um and 375 wouldn't be more than 4!!!!  WTF  and the sad part was he didn't believe us so he asked another male nurse.  He was dead serious by the way.

So guys tell me your duh huh moments or your WTF ones....I need a good laugh.


Ann Worthington said...

I had a duh moment yesterday. I forgot to actually turn my camera on while taking pictures. I couldn't figure out why it wasn't working. I'm getting old.
I can't believe that guy didn't know how to round numbers. LMAO!

Texan Zombie Goddess said...

Makes me want to make sure I take care of all injuries and illnesses in the safety of my own home where my 9 year old can round up just fine lol.

NP Odyssey said...

That is scary with the numbers does he take care of patients? Although you could make some easy money off him. Here I have $3.75...

I think we have all bruised our egos with things like the camera and syringe trick. Just hate when it happens in front of patients.

Dark Mother said...

I have Duh moments on a daily basis. I swear my brain is made of swiss cheese. I laugh at myself often. However, I have noticed that laughing at oneself in public is sure to get the men in the white coats on your tail.

The Nerdy Nurse said...

The rounding thing isn't a duh moment. That's a dumb moment. A dumb moment that he needed confirmation of apparently.
I surely don't want a nurse who can't round!