Thursday, September 1, 2011

Medical updates

So I need to update everyone on the two tests.  First my tata’s squeeze test came back fine.  No malignant finding aka no cancer.  They are not sure what the lumps are but its not showing up on the ultra sound or mammograms …So he just wants me to follow up before the year is up if it becomes larger or more tender.  If that happens then he wants me to see a surgeon specialist to figure out what it is.  So a big SHEEWW is in order.  As for the redneck man’s stress test it came back with good news also.  Passed with flying colors…he did call me all stressed out about the IV and possible nuclear dye they might instill…lol  I think he was afraid of being radio active…I should have asked him if he thought he might turn into Spiderman.  He turn the the “radio” active dye down and just did the regular stress test which is really all he needed anyway. I do like the fact that the doctor made him realize that he was an alcoholic and he has cut back some.   He went from 6- 8oz cans to 2- 18 oz bottles which equals 12 oz less that what he was drinking.  I guess 2 is better than 6? Whatever.  But he did improve on his day’s off from 12 cans to 6.  That’s half.  He is a lot less grouchy.  He also has to relearn how to sleep because the doctor thinks his numbness can be due to him sleeping with his arms behind his head.  He mentioned to me he didn’t know what was harder cutting back on the beer or trying to relearn how to sleep.  So that’s the medical update.

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Ann Worthington said...

Glad everything is ok.
I thought my man was weird, but yours is too. lol